Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 4th and CAMBA ride-en-camp!

Sandy worked the 4th but took Monday and Tuesday off so we could travel west to Cable WI and ride those  trails.  You know I don't get out much!  This post will be day 1.
I see the camper is being loaded.
I best stay close by or I might get left!
With it being the 4th and all, our favorite CG was full, so we went to another FS one near Drummond WI called Twin Lakes.

It was pretty nice and really close to a lake.
 I'm a water dog ya know!

We went for some walks and checked it out!

Vermin hunting was pretty good here!

They had  bruats made at a little grocery store
 in Sandy's home town of Ely, MN.

We liked this CG but it was a tad far north
from the trails we wanted to ride.

Where'd the dog go?  Oh ya, maybe we should feed her.

We found the little pond we camped at had a nice trail around it.

A canoe was parked on the shore seemed to be a dragon fly hangout.

It was a very nice little trail!

The next morning we meet our buddy Ron
 at the Namakagon township hall for a ride!
He said they're planning to put a sign up there.

Ron is the executive director of these wonderful CAMBA trails.

It was hot so I got to cool off in Patsy Lake.

Here we come!

Oh Ya!

We found a tree cross the trail so I helped them get it off.

We had such a nice ride with Ron! 

Ron's an XC trail groomer like Arly is.  I love snow and trails!

When we got back, a friendly biker took our photo in front of the sign.
 After our good-by's to Ron, we ventured west to Seeley WI to see Greg, eat and listen to the music playing there.
Ya, I thought there could be some kids here.
 I never get to see any!

No one ever rubs me!

Ya, three at a time, that's the right way to do that!

Is that your Mom?  She can scratch me to!

I love this little girl and her gram-pa.

All that running, scratching and getting  to
socialize some, eventually wore me out.
We stopped at Namakagon river for a dip!
A nice way to end the day

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