Friday, April 29, 2011

Found on the trail

I found this hat and gloves on the Pilgrim watershed trail 4/29/2011.

 Smells like they belong to someone friendly!
Here I'm in charge of bridge repairs.
Again I'm watching over repairs.

Here I'm guarding the food wagon.  No vermin got it.
We were diligently working on the trails when this fellow was caught slacking, Gurrrrrrrr

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love Kids!!

This is the best: kids that are my size, have high voices, like to run around, and THEY ARE TOUCHING ME!
Nephew Daniel and Niece Sarah with Uncle Arlyn.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bare Bluff Adventures

This was a hike we did to Bare Bluff and the Montreal River is close by too.  This is all on the south shore of the Keweenaw.
Top of Bare Bluff.  Some say its the best view in the Keweenaw.  Its about 600ft above the lake and on this day, we could see the rocks below the surface.
Ya I LOVE the water.

Fall hiking in the Porkies

After an adventure filled summer of mountain biking, trail dogs like to change things up and do some hiking. There's lots of exciting places to explore where bikes aren't allowed.  Last fall the pack headed to the Porcupine Mountains State Park for some camp and hike adventures. There were coyotes howling in the evening which made me very nervous! Hiking was great, but exploring the woods near the trails was even better. I even caught a mouse at the camp site! I'm such a great hunter. The Pack thought they were tough because they did 3 hikes over 14 miles last fall. I had many more miles than them but who's counting?
Escarpment Trail

Who says Michigan is flat?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maah Daah Hey Trail, North Dakota Badlands

Can you believe that in the summer of 2008 the pack grouped up with some other folks to ride the MDH trail and I, the trail dog, did not get to run along? They thought it was too hot and dry for me...I suppose they were right but I sure was ready and willing!

I was all ready to go!
But they made me ride in the van.

When is something fun going to happen?
I'd like to be getting dirty too. And aren't you going to share?

I was trying to get Brandon and Scott to throw the ball...

Charlie was always ready with the stick!

Break time was the best!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Swedetown Trails

The pack likes to gather up every other weekend or so to romp around the Swedetown Trails near Calumet, MI. This XC ski area has many 2-tracks which are decidedly unexciting for mountain biking. About 5 years ago a dedicated group near there started building miles of fun singletrack. The only bad thing is a lack of water holes for me to cool off in.Water dogs have their standards, after all.

This was a CRAZY gang of friendly folks!

This was a spring ride, hence the lack of leaves.  Why is everyone watching me drink??

Copper Harbor Trails

I'd recommend the Copper Harbor Trails especially in the spring and fall when it's nice and cool and the leaves are down so the views are good. There are pretty many water crossings to drink and wallow in when it's hot. Trail dogs aren't big fans of all the bridges there, since our paws can get stuck in the cracks, but I usually run around them anyway. My pack says the bridges are a hoot.
These trails rock.  They're my favorite!

One of the many segments of the Stairway To Heaven

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Water adventures throughout the Copper Country

Baltimore River. The loud water makes me nervous!

Lake Superior, near the Black River north of Calumet, MI.

Bete Gris, Lake Superior on a HOT July 4th.

Copper Harbor - "the top of the world" in Michigan

Deep snow adventures

Running all-paw drive makes a trail dog hot.

Snow is on me and I'm in the snow...nothing's better.
Ahh, cool and refreshing.

At the Porkies.

Inspecting grooming quality.
West overlook, Porkies State Park
Sticks are not safe.

I love lake effect!
This is skiing up a board walk at Copper Harbor.