Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perrault Lake adventure ski and CC Sports stop

On Saturday warm temps were predicted which snow dogs don't appreciate. Despite that, in the morning we headed west to back country ski around Perrault Lake.
We park along highway 26 because the road in is never plowed.

Snow dogs don't need no plowing anyway.
I'm just a black dot on the horizon.
You people are slow!

I do some deep snow bounding and burn some energy off.

OK, now a problem arises...

This warm weather is creating snow balls on my coat.

I think they're tasty!

Time for more de-balling.

Sandy cleared a grooming spot for me.

OK,  let's go!

Oh, wait....

I'm getting all balled up again!

We went to see the fen.

Then we headed back to the car.

Carrying extra weight in snow balls is not trail mutt

After a lunch break at home, we headed north to Calumet...

We visited the friendly people at Cross Country Sports.
I even got to see kids. I love them!

We had to drop off tickets for the Music Jam,
plus I needed Rick to scratch my ears some.

Oh yeah, that's the spot.

We inspected Kiko's delaminated skis.

Hey! You can take ME skiing....I'm friendly!

Lorri provided info on the night sky art.

When will I see you again, Kara?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Swedetown Creek gorge and Vista ski!

Sandy had Wednesday off and with some wonderful snow falling, we got out for our 1st ski at Maasto!
I got my hunting vest on.

Here is the drag that's hanging and ready to go. 

Now we're going!
This is my kind'a weather. 
All these trails have been rolled but it doesn't look like that now..

Then it really started to dump snow.  I love that!

We're going up Dam hill to see the Vista trail that was
 just reopened this fall.

Oh this is nice!
This might be my favorite!

Back in the gorge, we pause for paw maintence

Now we're heading east again on trail 2 along the gorge edge.

This was the best ski so far this year!

Vacation adventures!

The pack headed out for adventures last Saturday. We had lots of fun along the way! Our final destination was Ely MN so we could have an early Thanksgiving holiday with my Gramma and Grampa, Sandy's folks.
On our way there Saturday morning we stopped
at Wolverine trails near Ironwood MI.

We used to live here and still have a membership.
These guys are getting the stove fired up.

Ya, I needed to run some.

This place is trail mutt approved!

Conditions were pretty good for this early in the season.

I'm so fast!

Hey!  Sandy passed me so I'll have to kick it up a notch.

I love this place.  I can just lay in the snow and relax.

We headed west again and now we're in Duluth.

We met Sandy's folks here to see the opera Carmen with them.

I jumped up and down from this wall.

I got to cuddle with Gramma and Grampa in the hotel.

And up in Ely, I got to have couch time!

Hunting was good too.
I kept a squirrel up in this tree.

Don't forget to brush! Can't take a vacation from that.

 We had a hiking adventure in Ely, at the Hidden Valley Ski trails which were not yet open. My lame pack didn't take any photos. I'll try and get them out for a ski soon.