Saturday, February 15, 2020

Lake Ste Kathryn visit and ski!

On Saturday, Arly had the day off from grooming, so the pack hopped into the dog truck to head down to Lake Ste Kathryn, to ski the Deer Marsh Trail.
Surprisingly good snow down here.  They don't get lake snow here,
 and we seen the temps fall as we got further away from the lake.

Oh ya, we've been here many times before.

We started by the kiosk on the south end and headed east
and north.
The older mutt had trouble in the deep snow and got put
back in the truck.

We saw and sniffed many critter tracks today.

Let's go!

The snow was quite sugary. Slow going for someone with tiny paws.

We noted more than a dozen down spruce across the trail.
We'll get them off this spring, no problem.

Round the bend we go.

The cold breeze didn't let us dawdle long.

The viewing platform off Marten Lake rd.  In this post from this summer
you'll see us and Diana at this same platform. 
We wouldn't got it cleared without her help!
 You'll also see many of the same locations on that old post.

Made it to the kiosk on Marten Lake Road!

And then the platform overlooking the head waters of
the East Branch of the Ontonagon.

After lunch in the truck, we romped around the camp ground.
Why didn't we bring the camper?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday at church, then Spring Creek gorge adventures.

We were so glad - on Sunday, we got to go to church! There were many friendly people as usual. Then after lunch we went for a romp at the Spring Creek gorge.  Arly only got a few photos while out romping before the camera battery gave out.
Little Scarlett is getting so big!  
She's been on our blog many times, even back when she was a toddler.

Hey! Anna Backman and her hubby Arnold were up to visit.

Oh ya.  We don't get good rubbing like this at home.

Hi Dave, I've missed you.

Hey Joyce, maybe you can take me home with you?

We said hi to Scarlett's mom, Christine.

Cari always gives us some good hugs.

See you kids next time!

Jillian, where's your 4-legged friend?

Ya Mike I'm on my best behavior today.

Sophia was paying attention to both of us.

Ramon knows he'll be famous again for making it onto our blog.

Hey what's Wally into back there...  Trouble?

I've got to make sure he's not getting more attention than me!

Oh hey! I got to see Arnold again, and I got to meet his Mom.

We met his Dad too but didn't get his photo.
Ya they came all the way from Tanzania just to see us.

After lunch, we headed out to High Point Rd.
to romp down in the Spring Creek gorge.

This hillside had lotsa snow tumbles when it warmed up.

We had a fun back-country outing here today.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday's friendly stops

On Saturday we stopped at church to pick items up and drop supplies off there. You know we love to go to church! Later Sandy took us for a nice ski at Maasto, but she didn't bring the camera. Arly would have taken photos but he was home, trying to get back on the mend from his cold.
We went to see the friendly people who were there to see the statues.

We took third place in two categories.

Hey!  I'm still here and could be touched more.
Wally thought those jell-o letters smelled awfully interesting.

Then we stopped at Erickson Feed to get supplies.
They always have friendly customers here.

I smell something good over here!

Their staff is the best!
The "candy cane" treat I picked out wasn't too bad either.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Good Shepherd all-nighter snow sculpture!

Wednesday this week, was the MI Tech winter carnival all-night snow sculpture event that our church, Good Shepherd, participates in each winter.
Ya, there'll be kids and other friendly people here.

This form is filled with wet snow to make a sculpture with.

We do this each year. Arly didn't get any photos of the kids this year.
Why not?

Being inside is fun because people will pay more attention to us.

This is Cameron who's rather new to the area.  We liked him!

Ya, we did get quality tussle time with pastor Bucky.

Lots of friendly mutts here tonight.
Ya Keith, we can pet us some more.
Arly usually stays until the end but he's got a cold,
which made him leave early.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Another Pilgrim watershed romp.

On Sunday afternoon, we headed just south of town for another romp around the Pilgrim Watershed Trails.
Us mutts love to get out and romp in the snow!

Some snowshoers had been around most of the
 main loop which helped arthritic mutts.

Someone had hung this old tin can on a branch.  
We never see it in the summer.

On a bridge, we spy water waaaaay down there.

Hey!  I found a hole someone been in and out of.

And next we made our way back to the truck.
We had such a nice romp today!