Friday, July 21, 2017

Music on the menu!

On Fridays in the summer our library brings in musicians to perform in front of the building and on the water.   It's called "Music on the Menu" and happens every Friday from 12 to 1.  For some reason, Arly has not brought me yet this summer.
Today was the Back Room Boys and they were really good!

Arly, I see some friendly kids over there!  You know I love that!

Oh Ya, I remember you from last year.

We had such a nice time today.

Ya, you can touch me more.

It was such a nice day to be in the water and with you.

They don't get me out much ya know.

Oh ya, I like that head rubbing.

I hope I see you again, next Friday!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tuesday NCT hike

Oh ya, on Tuesday morning, we headed south to Forest Service highway 16 and found the parking lot, then headed west on the North Country trail.  The road ditch was so weedy, we couldn't find the trail.
Ya, the ditch needs some whacking.
The parking area was nearly as bad.

We'd done this section before, at least to Bob Lake.
Its a very nice section.

Although we found may trees across the trail.

This is a nice trail, why doesn't it get brushed back?

We didn't note any work on it that might have been done this year.

Bob lake Spur sign looks rough from bear attacks.

It was HOT out today, so I cooled off in creeks along the way.

More than 2 dozen logs were across the trail between FS road 16
 and 1100 were we turned around.  No sawyers here?.

Whacking this back some would sure make it nicer.
Maybe we should come back and do it?  It wouldn't take very long

This is Sandy looking for a board walk to crosses this wet location.
We did find it the 2nd time we crossed it.

Water dogs do like a dip.

Snow pushed this tree down?

We crossed the tracks.
A blaze on the tie.

This is the parking lot on 1100.
If it was cleared, maybe people would use it?

This is as far west as we'll get today, so we headed back.

Monday, July 17, 2017

More NCT trail work fun!

Saturday's weather was kind of warm out but late in the afternoon, I seen that the camper was being loaded. Could this mean we're heading back to Gardner road for more trail clearing adventures??!!   It's been a wet summer, so it's been taking us much longer than usual, to clear our portion of the North Country Trail.    I do love being out there ya know.
Late in the afternoon, the humidity was low so Sandy is clearing
a FS trail just to get to the NCT.
We'd never had to do that before and it's muddy! 

A few hours of whacking, we made it!

We just got to the trail and took a break, then I spied a hiker
coming from the west!

He was friendly, so I invited him to camp with us tonight.

We stayed a bit longer and whacked weeds on the trail.

Back at camp, I learned his name was Pete and from Moline IL.
I love getting to know friendly hikers ya know.

Sandy checked out his MRE food.
We had SO MUCH fun getting to know him.

The next morning we bid our farewells. 
Are we going to see you again Pete? I hope so!

We got back to the trail which we had whacked out to yesterday
and found trees across our trail.

In fact many of them, but today we're just throwing
the debris off and knocking the weeds down.

Sandy says we've logged over 100 hours this year.
Ya, we've been here lots this year.

We did made it to Darling creek!
The last time out here, we had got here from the west.

Late that day, we spied a car pulling in.
It's Dean and Bubba! We were so glad they stopped in.
 Bubba is "The Mayor of Mass City", ya know so it was quite an
honor for them to visit us part time residents!

Oh ya, I really am a lap dog.

I love these guys!

Canal run and more!

Oh ya, I had a busy, busy weekend.   First thing was Saturday morning, when I helped cheer the runners along who did the Canal run at the Keweenaw Nordic water station.
I love being in the middle of events likes this.

I don't get out to socialize much you know.

Sarah, me and Sandy handed out Gatorade.

Oh ya Sarah, no one ever rubs me at all!
It was a friendly crew we had here today!

Afterwards, we went for a short hike to the Black River
preserve just NW of Calumet.

Then later Saturday afternoon, it was predicted to be warm, so we headed
back to our favorite camp site on Gardner RD.

Next post is trail clearing there!