Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spring snow romps at Maasto!

Oh ya.  We've been out in some fine spring weather to do some fun romps over the past few days.  These photos were taken during them.  It's been warm out and creeks are up!
This day we went in the creek gorge to see Swedetown creek.

Water at the beaver dams is flowing over them.

The ice is melting on the beavers' pond.

This south facing hill on the creek gorge is really melting off.

The junior trail mutt stays safely in the center, while the
more experienced one strolls along the edge. 
All the 2 legged ones used the hand rail.

On Sunday, we parked at the bottom of cemetery hill.
They plow it off each spring.
Plenty of snow up here!

We found the Mud Lake Loop in great shape.

How's the base, you ask?
This is a BIG rock along the trail, and it's just peeking out now.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

NCT ski adventure

On Saturday, my pack thought we needed to check out our section of the North Country Trail.  We'd not been on it since last fall! 
This is trail mutts paradise, Wally.

This is the parking lot we camp at, when doing trail work.

We had firewood here for hikers and now it's gone.
We'll re-supply it when we camp, soon!

It was a grand day to be out.

The beavers still have Tank Creek backed up.

The re-route is still marked, though.

Harvesting was still going on last fall.

It froze overnight, so it was good going in the morning for
two trail mutts.

Gromit! We've got to have adventures like this more often.

We took a break here. It was getting warm.

Here's our favorite take-a-rest spot.

C'Mon Gromit! Let's get going!

Hey, we can get a drink here, Wally. No way, Gromit!
That's way too scary for a puppy.

We lead the way up and out of the creek draw.

Boing!  All the creeks are filling up.

Hunting was good near Spring Creek.

We thought this was Darling's actually Spring Creek.
The 2-leggeds say it needs a bridge.

Lunch! What do you mean, you didn't bring any kibble?

We circled back around on the Forest Service Road.

Lotsa melting near Pattison's camp.

It was good going since snowmobiles had been here before.

They also had packed the 2-track heading back to the NCT.

We stopped at our favorite resting spot.

Gromit recommended I take some snow baths before
it's too late....she's right. They're great!

The snow was quite soft on the last stretch.
It got to be tough going for the senior trail mutt.

We romp back through the beaver harvest area.

Now we check out the re-route.  They call this flagging "Connie tape".

Arly replaced some ribbons that had come down over the winter.

Trail mutts don't get lost, but you never know about those 2-leggeds.

Hey! The beavers are working over here now, too.

Made it!  It was about 50 degrees out when we got back.

We had such a grand adventure here today.

I had to take a break while they changed their boots.
I was getting so darn tired, I couldn't stay awake.

What do they mean, "A tired dog, is a good dog"?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

New snow and romps!!

Oh ya. It started to snow here today, and it kept coming down.  After church, we headed over to the Maasto trails and got out to romp in it.  It was great!
We'd not had any real snow for a few weeks. 
We've had nearly 300" so far.

We are on our favorite gorge trails.  
Arly will be out grooming them in the morning.

We did a little back country adventure to check the snow depth.

It was so good, we headed towards Mud lake.

Can you believe some dogs don't get out to romp like this?
Maasto is trail mutt friendly!

We zoom down the Outback Trail.

Even the old dogs think they are fast!

Now we're coming down the Iron Ring trail.

Young pups can corner with speed! This is a
bike/hike trail in the summer.

Some dogs have a coat, that keeps all the heat in.

We stopped to admire our favorite creek.

Arly says it's going to keep snowing. Hooray!

We were so glad to get out in it.