Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday fun x 2!

Oh ya.  We had a busy Sunday. It was filled with our favorite things, since we got to see everyone at Good Shepherd Church and then we got out for a nice romp on the trails.
We even got to meet Barney!  He was friendly.

We love to see Cari.

Maybe we could be the greeters every week!

Oh, Anthony was enticing me to play.
This shows the speed that things happen with puppies!

Older dogs just like a little affection.

Kids are just my size.

Maybe you'd like me to stay over at your house one day?

Me too! I promise I won't pee on your floor.

We don't get to see Richelle often enough.

Annika can you teach me some gymnastic moves?

Gimme 5.

I love it when kids get down to my level.

Ya! And that they even  like to tussle!  I'll paw him.

See you again soon, Liam.

Dominic didn't even like dogs until he met me!

I helped do clean-up after lunch.

You know we don't get no kid time!

Joyce when are you gonna have me over to your house to visit?

Ya Deb I'll lean up on you too.

We'll tussle again next time Anthony!

I went to say hi to Charlotte and Liz.

Me too! We love little girls.
After lunch, we headed south to explore.
We found the trails in Trimountain to be heavily used by snowmobiles.
So back to Perrault Highlands for us. We had such a nice day!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Perrault Lake Highlands ski

With lots of new snow in the past few days, the pack headed to our favorite Perrault Lake Highlands to check it out on skis.
We parked on the road, of course. C'mon, let's go!

Up we go. 
This is on the the south side of the road, from Perrault Lake.

The snow is much deeper here than in town, as usual.

Tea time. Hey I'll take some of that cookie!

Hey! Smells like a shrew.

We added some ribbons to the east-most loop.

The 4-leggeds packed the trail the first part of the day.

Are we headed back to the rest stop?

Oh ya.

On the last stretch, we had to follow.

Hunting was good today.

I hope we can come back here soon.

We love to ski here.
We had a little snack when we got home. Nappy time now...

Friday, December 7, 2018

Visiting Erickson feed store!

We needed some very important supplies, so tonight on out way to ski, we stopped at the Erickson feed store!  We've actually skied every night this week.  We've been getting snow!
This is our favorite pet supply store.
They are trail-mutt approved!
Hey! A friendly new employee was here.

Oh I found a friendly employee too.

Ya you can scratch me.
We hope we will see you again soon!

Monday, December 3, 2018

It was a busy, busy Sunday!

You  know it's going to be a great day when you get to start out by going to church!
Oh ya, I love to see everyone at Good Shepherd.

Me too! I make sure to rub up on everyone.

Oh ya Dave, you can keep an eye on us any time.

Cari has a mutt of her own back home in MN.
Maybe we'll meet her mutt one day!

Judy has a mutt at home too. You coulda brought him ya know!

Hi Scarlett! I'm almost as big as you but I think I do outweigh you.

Oh ya Gretchen you can scratch me too.

Ya, 2 friendly people rubbing ya is always better than 1.

I tried hard to be on my best behavior.

Ya we know how hard it is for you to be good, Wally.

Joyce maybe we can have a sleep-over at your place?

If we behave, maybe we can come back..

Keith says I'm almost all grown up now.

I hope we come back next week.

Jillian and Cindy were chatting and rubbing us at the same time.
After lunch, we headed out to the Pilgrim Watershed trail for a romp.

Needs lots more snow.

Hunting was good...

Lotsa down trees from this summer and fall.
We took a little break on the picnic table.

The 2-leggeds found the road sections snowier than the hiking path was.

Anyway we're always glad to get out for a romp, even though we'd all like more snow!