Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Winter is coming... Recent adventures!

Here are visits and hikes, and other adventures we did this week.  It's been SO busy here for trail mutts and pups like us.   The Coast Guard cutter Alder also passed through town and Arly got some photos.
This weekend, we romped around at Maasto

Today we are sporting our colors because it's deer hunting season.

Hey Gromit!  What did you find there?  
Tell me because I'm not tall enough!

We stopped to see Terry at the Fastenal store. 
This place is trail mutt approved!

We stopped by Advance Auto parts in Hancock as well.

Oh ya Lou.  We do love you.

On yet another day, we stopped at the new Houghton Power Sports store.
Oh ya Adam, we never get see anyone.
This business is trail mutt approved as well.

Arly had to check to see how machine repairs were coming along.
On his way to work one day, the bridge went up and Arly sat there
for 1/2 an hour.
Turns out the Alder was pulling buoys out of the canal.

Bye, bye Alder... see you in the spring!

Last weekend we helped Arly, Bob and Dave install a culvert.

This is on the New River Trail Extension.

I don't know how they coulda got it done without us!

The beavers have still been hard at work here.

Their pond is quite impressive.

OK, let's go!

Hey! This is just the right height for me.

OK Arly, dig a little more there.

I'll be so glad when we're skiing over this!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dog happenings here

It was a busy Sunday here!
First off, we went to church.

We love all the friendly people here.

Bucky was amazed to see a new puppy in the midst.

Gromit says, "Ya Bucky, I know I'm still your favorite."

Wally got to meet the neighbors!

Dogs n kids just go together.

I'll see if I can tickle her.

Oh ya, we had so much fun here.

In the afternoon we all got out for a romp.
This is the River Trail extension in Maasto.

Later, we found lotsa water problems in Churning Rapids.
Oh, I got so hungry from that long, long romp!
Oh! What an extra special day. More socializing!

We were so glad, Cassie came over just to have dinner with us!
It was a a perfect day for trail mutts like us.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Snow news, visits and hikes

Here is some recent happenings at my house!
Ya, we've got a bit of snow here. I didn't want to come back in either!

We again went to Erickson's Feed to get more puppy supplies.
How could he possibly need so much?

I'm quite socialized and love being in the middle of it all.
We both love this store!

We also went to the Fastenal store to meet all the friendly employees there.
We got out for a hike just before the snow came.

I'm a very, very fast puppy.  We all love being in the woods too.

Although, I'm nervous of the creek. I could get washed away!

What!  I'm not at all sure I should drink this water.  

Oh ya, Swedetown Creek means fun for the whole pack.

After all that, I was sleepy.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


I thought I should report on what's new around this place...the puppy training and snow.
I'm so glad, it's snowing!  
I'm more of an outside kind of dog ya know.

Being a 10yo, I don't like puppies all that much.

They've been calling him Wally.
Although, he doesn't listen much anyway....

Hey! What's this darn thing on me!

Gee,  Wally gets sleepy on a regular basis.  
That's fine by me so I can have a "puppy break".