Thursday, August 6, 2020

Bob Lake camp, day II

Our last 2 days at Bob lake.  The good news is we'll be back on Friday to clear the remaining sites.
We seen kayakers out every day.

We also seen these boys over lots.
They we very polite and asked many, many questions.

Hauled about 7 loads of slash out.

More friendly campers from Marquette.

No one ever rubs me at our house!
They are from Oscar, near Houghton.

More camp sites cleared today.

I very, very red tree.

Its been a busy day and I couldn't stay awake any longer.

I'll visit the friendly neighbors, one more time.

Bob Lake camp adventures

The pack decided it was about time for a long weekend camp adventure! So on Friday we loaded up and headed for the Bob Lake forest service camp ground. Besides just relaxing by the fire, the plan was to clear brush around the camp ground.  A second post to follow.
Sandy towed the Big Boss.
We'll need the Boss and the trailer to move slash.

Arly towed the camper.

We got a nice lake shore spot at Bob Lake.

I think it's the best lake anywhere!

Fresh lake trout tonight.  We'll get the skin!

Nothing like campfire grilling.

Does it get any better than this?

We awoke to a calm, foggy lake.

Then some friendly campers stopped by!

It's so much fun to meet someone who can run and tussle.

Gromit can hardly run any more.

Oh ya!

We had so much fun with Darwin.  He was fast!

Other friendly campers we met today.

Didn't get a photo of their mutt. He was hunting frogs!

Now at work clearing camp sites.
We made a deal with the concessionaire to do this.

The neighbor gal and her dog cruise past.

Sandy found a "less than friendly" wasp nest.

Arly fogged the area with bug spray.

Some neighbor kids stopped by.

Oh ya, we do love them kids.

Back at work.

At the slash dump.

We cleared the path to the outhouse, too.

Arly made me do tricks.  He says I need more order in my life.

It was nice and cool out on Monday.

Trail mutts appreciate cooler temps.

Our camp viewed from the lake.  Yes, lotsa tannin in Bob Lake!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Yard Church Sunday!

It was quite hot here over the weekend but we did get out for short hikes.  Sadly, Gromit's arthritis didn't allow her out much but on Sunday,  but we all made it to Good Shepherd's yard church!   On that note, her arthritis is not improving, just waxing and waning.
Cindy and Mike hosted and she made sure to invite us!

I got to see Joyce!

Wally says, the sermon got too long, so I'll just take a nap...

Deb, I think I see a squirrel!

Ya you can scratch us, we're on our best behavior.

Me and Cindy greeted everyone.

Oh ya. I don't know you, but do like some rubbing.
About 18 people attended.
I helped Mike with the music.

Ya Bucky you led a nice service again today.

Bucky I hope we can do back yard church on a regular basis.
We recommend it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Close to home adventures

We don't have anything very exciting to report, although, we have been out for some local hikes.   Gromit stays home for longer hikes.
The day after a big rain, the Swedetown Creek was still silty.
Water was up.  
Gromit stayed home since rough trails are hard on her arthritic joins.

Hmm, this stuff has been sitting here since the big 2018 flood.

We stopped by Good Shepherd to say hi to Bucky and grab a
yard sign.
We love everyone whether they go to church or not,
and which ever church they may go to!

On Sunday, we stopped by to hike at Nara.

We noted, they did mow a narrow path through the tall brush.

Ya it could have used a few more passes.  Like many more!
The berry patch on the sledding hill is quite robust.
Why isn't it mowed like ski hills are?

Tech is suppose to take care of the Nara trails.
They don't.....

MMM, cookies! A friendly new neighbor traded for rhubarb.