Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend adventures!

Sorry us mutts haven't posted recently.  Here are photos taken this weekend while out and about.
On Saturday we got out for a nice long romp on the Massto trails.
We always bump into friendly skiers out here!
That's why Maasto is trail mutt approved!

We can even tussle after many K's of running.

OK now we're going again!

Arly even got to get in on the fun.

We has such a nice run today.
Then on Sunday afternoon, we got out to romp by, over,
and around Spring Creek.

We've been here 3 times now this year.  The snow was great!

C'mon Sandy! Be brave like us.

We had excellent back country romping today.

Ya Gromit! I can't wait to get out again.

Out the kitchen window, what did we see?

Two Shrews eating bird seed! 
Which is strange since they are suppose to be solitary

We think they dug a hole up to the feeder.
We seen them come and go from our sight.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Barneløpet means kids!

Each year, we help out at the Barneløpet kids race.   We do this by playing with kids and parents.  This will be Wally's 1st.
Before the race, we got out for a quick romp around the trails.

This was along the gorge edge. Isn't it pretty Wally?

Oh good!  All the participants are showing up.
Oh ya, you can touch me.

Maybe we can ski together!

Oh, another friendly one.

There were other friendly dogs here as well.

Did you know us trail mutts, never get no kids time?

Oh these kids are the best!   Can I run with you?

Me and Arly watched each wave take off.

I found a friendly Mom. We cheered the racers on together.
Sandy and Wally went to work at a different location.

Here comes more kids! They are skiing the 6K race.

I got to see lots of friendly people and the kids had a fun race.
Inside I got to mingle with the kids.

Me and Wally had a grand time here.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lotsa Saturday fun!

Oh ya. On Saturday morning Arly wasn't working, so we got out for a good and long romp on the Maasto trails.  After that, we stopped at Good Shepherd for lunch. 
We stopped to admire the Christmas decorations we put up
back in December.

Then we headed out and did the tower loop. Hunting was good!

It was so nice out today.

Back in the gorge we bumped into friendly skiers!
Oh ya Bob, we've not seen you in some time.
He helps us on the trails! We love him for that.
Now we're socializing in GS church.
We don't know you but hope to see you again!

Oh ya, no one ever touches me.

Joey is here!!

We know him from the Heikenpaiva parade.

Oh ya, there were kids here today as well.

Some dogs just don't get any close time with kids.

Here, I'll kiss you!

I will lay on the floor and roll with you.

Oh ya, I love kids.

Wally has to stay on the lead, while I get to go find more friendly kids.

I got to meet Ruby too! My friend Cindy brought her here,
just to see us.
Ya, I like the big kids too.

We all got to have a family portrait with Sharon and her kids
- Garrison, Aspen, and Jari.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Our daily winter fun!

Thought we should post some photos taken this week.   Ya, we have been out some and snow has slowed down which is good.  This allows us out more for adventures.
The sun came out this week!

We've got 235" so far this year.
Ya, we love this cool winter stuff.

We like to lead the way. Trail mutts know where to go.

Gromit! Let's check out this neat looking snow formation.

More "winter art"!

This week we had fish.  Seems we have fresh fish every week.
Who are the best dogs in the whole kitchen?

We like dish duty.

This week was Winter Carnival which we helped with at
Good Shepherd church.
They didn't get any photos at night while this was being built.

We're hoping we'll meet lotsa friendly visitors this weekend!