Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sunday's hike near Lake Bailey

On Sunday afternoon, we hiked the trail at the Lake Bailey Audubon bird sanctuary.   
We hiked here earlier this summer and the found
so it so overgrown, we could barely follow the trail.

We cross a cedar swamp and at the base of the slope, we stop at this spring.

Ya, we do love to have a nice, cool drink.

Now head up again and see flagging tape of all colors today.

Here the trail splits.

Oh dear, it's still not been fully cleared.

This is the trail.

Trail mutts don't need no brushed trail!

Hunting was good, we smelled and saw lotsa little critters.

Maybe they could use some help?

Could all these trees have recently fallen?

Maybe it's time to head home...
As we head down the slope, we stop for a view of the lake.
It was a nice day for a romp in the woods...but when is it not?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fall mud trail clearing adventure

On Saturday morning the dog truck was loaded with tools and we headed SW to our favorite North Country Trail parking area at Gardner Road. We wanted to do an end-of-season trail check and clear off fallen trees which always appear by now.
We found snow here!  Trails mutts do love snow.

We finally head out.

The trails are so wet, the two legged ones found it was  slippery.

But it sure is pretty out.

No new beaver activity seen here but Tank Creek was up.

We love when there's both fall colors and beautiful white snow.

With cool temps like this, even old dogs can move right along.
Then we found water. This 2-track that the trail crosses
leads to a hunting camp. It looked more like a river!
Lots and lots of water everywhere. Yes, this is the trail.

It's deep and some areas were over the two legged ones boots,
 so they stepped very carefully.

Many stretches of standing water plus lots of mud were found.

Ya this is fall.  We hiked west nearly to the Ont river,
then we came back removing the trees we'd found.

Sandy is standing in water.  This location is commonly wet and we
hope to add a punceon board walk here some day.

Now we're on our way back.

Who says these pole saws aren't all that good for trail work?

I recommend them.

This creek is usually a trickle in the fall.

Arly cut a path through this one too.

Oh, here's a larger one that's across.

100 ft later, another big one.
We'll come back later with the BIG saw to clear them.

Arly, you'll get that one off won't you?


Rubber boots are in style today.

We removed at least 10 trees today that fell across the trail
 in the later part of the summer.

Here's another... will double as an ATV block.

Last year some hunters used the trail a short ways to get closer to their
kill which is understandable but it was wet then too,
and they did leave ruts.
At least everything was easy to work with, like this one.
No popple crowns or old balsam!
A limb had fallen off of a dying hemlock here at our favorite rest stop.

Check before you step!

Almost back. It was a good thing me and Wally are water dogs!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Day II NCT brush clearing fun!

Who doesn't love being out on the trails in the fall? Trail mutts love being out all the time but especially when it's nice and cool, no bugs, and today it didn't even rain!
What a day to be camping in the woods!
We did hear some drizzle overnight.  But there's none now!

Let's get a going!
We went for a little walk in the morning.

Then we smelled bacon a cooking. I wonder if they
know how much trail mutts like Neuske's bacon?

I'll be on my best behavior, which is hard for me,
and maybe Arly will give me some.

Today we drove around to where the NCT crosses FR 1500.

Ya, it's pretty here. It looks like fall!
Looking to the east. Yes they logged here recently.
Can you even see where the trail is?

Looking to the west, where we worked today.
This is how it looked beforehand.

After some lopping, sawing, and weed whacking - lookin' good!

Color is found everywhere in the fall.

Even the pulled over trees are pretty today.

Sorry pretty limbs, you're gonna have to go.
We can't have you blocking the NCT!

We lopped many partially cut off saplings today.

Ya Sandy, pull that brush well off so hikers don't see it.

This is what the logged over woods looked like here.

By late in the day, trail mutts do start to wind down.

More waist high cuts.

After many hours of squirrel hunting, I had to take a break.

Plenty ribbons to mark the way through the logged area.
Now that the corridor is clear, it should be obvious to hikers.

This section is looking better.

Let's go back to camp.

I hope we can camp again this fall.