Sunday, November 22, 2020

Circle of Life trail clearing done!

 Circle of Life trail clearing was finally completed late on Saturday afternoon.  Thanks to all the folks who came out to help!  This started in September and it's now "roughed" in.

I'm so glad to meet you Katrina!

No one ever rubs me at our house!

Oh good, Dean, Bubba and Mary are here to help too!

Lots of smart talk happening here!

Oh ya Bubba, you are the best.

We got lots of up-close time in today.  I like that!

This old big ol' dead-fall got trimmed and moved off some.

This day is late, but we got it rough cut out by 4.

On our way out, we stopped to look at the old map, long outdated.

Courtney Lake camping and more Circle of Life trail clearing!

 The pack had taken a couple days off to travel to MN to spend an early Thanksgiving with Sandy's folks. With COVID running rampant, we all decided that wouldn't be wise. So with favorable fall weather, on Thursday we headed back to Courtney Lake to camp, and for more Circle of Life trail clearing.

After pulling in Thursday morning,
Arly got right to work. Ya it's been windy.

At camp at the end of the day.
Not much snow under the hemlocks.

We hunted for chipmunks, as usual.

Arly got a fire going.

They'll have sweet potato and steak.
Me and Wally will have lame kibble. Tsk!

The canopy was set up again, since tomorrow will be breezy.

Friday morning brought some snow, and another
fine day for trail work. But, when isn't it?

Lotsa shoots in some spots. Job security for next year!

This dead tree had fallen and wedged onto a
tree on the side of the trail.
For safety sake Arly cut it down.

Ellen joined in on the fun today!

The pole saw got quite a work out again.

Lots and lots of branch trimming was needed here.

Such a pretty lunch spot.

Ya Ellen I like that butt rubbing.

OK enough resting, let's get back to work!

Many hemlock branches were trimmed,
then dragged into the woods.

We made great progress today.

Thanks in large part to Ellen lending a hand!

We had such a nice day out in the woods.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Yet another Courtney Lake trail adventure! (no camping this time)

 On Saturday morning we went back to Courtney Lake for more Circle of Life trail clearing.  No camping this time since the Sunday's forecast was snow, rain and wind.

Camp looked good!

We moved this little log off the trail further.

And got back to clearing brush.

Lots to do, but so much fun!

Mary came to help again!

Arly decided this one need to be trimmed back more.

It hit 38 degrees. Perfect trail working weather.

Ya, this is the trail.

Trail mutts stay busy watching for vermin.

Many straggly balsam and hemlock came down.

Bigger hemlock were trimmed. Nice and neat!
This is in front of the old swimming pool.
This is Six Mile lake, behind the old swimming pool.

Trail mutt love being out in the weather.
I hope we come back soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Courtney Lake trail adventures day II!

 Saturday evening we had a nice steak dinner over the fire. The evening and night was so warm, we never needed a heater in the camper. Sunday morning was another calm, warm day. 

Arly got the fire going for us in the morning.

Kibble tastes best out in the woods.

They had Neuske's and pancakes to celebrate a fine camp weekend.

We love bacon!

Another nice sunny fall day.

We started our work day near the viewing platform. Ya I like the water.

This is really a nice section of trail.

Six Mile Lake.

We were quite pleased with our progress.

We had such a nice and busy weekend.

Late in the day, kelpies just can no longer stay awake.