Sunday, September 17, 2017

NCT Sunday adventures

Me and my pack hadn't done a serious hike since getting home, so on Sunday, we got out for three little ones. We visited Silver Mountain for the first time in 8 years, and then an area of the North Country Trail which we were on last summer.
First stop was Silver Mountain, just west of Baraga.
This is not part of the NCT.

Says, the fire tower was placed by the CCC in the 1930's, and taken
down in 1971. Silver mining was attempted here in the 1840's.
This was short hike that circumnavigated the mountain,
then went over its top.

Ya, some big old hemlocks found here.

On its top we found these scratches.  Who made them, a BIG dog?
Maybe some thick ice going past.
Good views up here.
Next stop - the NCT, going west off of FR 2270.
Ya, sure is a big, green, mossy one we found here.

The seasonal streams still have water.

Maybe we can come back with the whackers!

This is Silver River. We couldn't cross this last summer.

Hey! Maybe there is a goodie in there for me.

The slugs were feasting on this mushroom.

Boulder Creek...we crossed this over a fallen tree last year.

Peek-a-boo!   I'm in the thimbleberries at the bottom.

Starting to look like fall.

We found an old potty at the parking area at the bend in S. Laird Rd.

This was our western turn-around point.

They stopped for tea on the way back.

I hunted for something more interesting.

The handy-dandy pop can stove does it again.

We noticed the water flow under the fallen tree. Artsy!

Since I recommended Silver River water, Sandy thought she'd filter some.

I wonder if she needs help? I love to help!

I shook off, to share some of the river. You're welcome!

Just like being in the rain forest.

Such a pretty trail.

Let's go a little farther.

We headed down to the Sturgeon.

Down at the road, near the river.
We had such a nice hike here today!

Last day in Ely and trip home!

We had such a nice time here.  Now it seems everyone was packing.  Could we be going home?
Nina and Sarah checked out our deluxe camper.

Oh, when will I see you kids again?

Jason, you can throw that ball again.

Ya Daniel you'll be even taller when I see you next.

Sarah I'm so glad you are not afraid of me any more!
Jason thought Big Monkey might like a ride.

I smiled nice for Gramma.

Oh how I will miss all you kids!

And Grampa and Gramma too.

On the way home, we stopped in at Wanoka Lake.

This lovely Forest Service camp ground is just off of US 2.

We met some friendly people with a Scamp! They let us see inside it.
Sandy thinks we should get one.

I'm just so glad we had a nice week of adventures with family.

Day two-n-three in Ely MN!

Oh ya.
We stopped by the Olson's house on our way out to their camp.
This is their camp's driveway.
A wind had been through and blown all the trees over.

I found a bench for more convenient scratching.

John and his long time friend, Dickie O.

Dickie says, I'll show you the shack. It was nice!

The next day, we went to the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm.

They had an army tank outside.
It was a really nice historical museum of MN,
with lotsa info about its iron ore mining heritage.

The next day, I finally got groomed.

It was fun, because Jason helped.

Ya, you can pet me too.

I never had such a fun hair cut before.

Then, we went to the Soudan Underground Mine tour.

Just an idea of the space miners worked in.

Zoom! In on the skips.

Pete was a great tour guide.

We had such a good time, 689 feet below sea level.

Daniel and John gaze into the original open pit, dug in the 1880's.

Later, at home, Jason threw the ball for me!
Ya, I'm fast, for a 10 y.o.

He helped me stay hydrated too. We're best buddies, ya know.

The next morning, the pack took a little hike on the Trezona Trail. We met some Vermilion students. They were learning to measure trees. We wondered if they would find any large enough.

Later on, we hiked at Hidden Valley. It was all nicely mowed.

The best part of every day, of course, was the kids!