Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall trail clearing continues!

I've been out helping on the trails so here are a few photo's taken this week.
  Someone said the pay-pipe at Tomasi TH
 looked bad,  so Arly is cleaning it up!

Now a little paint.

Later a $5 was added.  Will anyone see it?
Oh ya, some friendly people stopped by to throw a ball for me!
Can't you see the ball?

Let's go for a hike!

My pack just doesn't get me out much ya know.

We're heading to Churning Rapids to see how much
work will be needed to get it reopened this fall.

I cool off in Swedetown creek.  Or is this Spring creek?

I love fall colors!

Me and my pal Sam are clearing trail.  He's the best!

It's a mess!  This will take many, many hours to get it cleared and safe for skiing.

Pako and Jim are helping today!

We run home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blessing of the Animals at Good Shepherd!

I love Dog's day at church.  Ok, maybe I did see some animals there who weren't dogs today!

I got to say hi to Jean and Donna.

Did you know I never get to see anyone
or be touched?

Oh ya, good there will be kids here too! Peter came over to say hi.

Amalia was stting alone so I went back to say hi.
Later this pew was full!

Lots of mutts here today!

Ya Crystal, you can pet me more.

Sandy had to read a part.  Church was full today!

Finally, we got to go for our blessing.

This golden doodle was featured on my blog last year!

All kinds of friendly dogs here today.

Oh good, I'm next.  Could you bless me with more petting??
 I need that!

Hey, this could be my old litter-mate!

See the mountain lion on his shoulders? I avoided that one.

Here comes my neighbor, Strider!
I see him wander through our yard now and then.


I do love little ones.
Richelle guides Strider towards his blessing.

Oh and here comes Zeke  I see him on Tech trails.

Strider got to meet Zeke.

Sam takes communion from Bethany!

Big dogs, little dogs....they all got blessed here today.

He's wondering where the sheep of the Good Shepherd's are.


Oh ya, I got to snuggle up to Sarah.

Hey! There's a bird in there.

Simon found him too.

Oh ya Lisa, no one ever touches me.

He thought my name was Oscar...I shook anyway.

All this socializing makes me thirsty.

We watched the bird some more.

Oh ya, kid hugs are the best.

When will I see you again?

I snuggled up to Al and he warmed right up to me.

One more hug...I hope I see you all again soon!