Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday morning Pilgrim Watershed trail and Marco!

Saturday morning was looking to be a good day for trail work, so out to the Pilgrim Watershed trail we went.
Dave came to help! We love to have him along.

This tree had broken off and hung over the trail for a
 few years.  Now it's finally down and gone!

I pointed out to Sandy a branch she had missed.

It was warm, but still a great day to be out in the woods.

Sandy gathers a bundle of branches to get off the trail.

The end, just after noon.
We're so glad you came out with us Dave!

Let's hike out.  We must have got 1/4 of a mile done today.

We stopped to visit John on our way home.

Later, Marco made it back from the Isle, where he met xxx
(we get it later) who's from Austria, but getting a PhD in Iowa.

We were so glad these fellas stopped by just to see us!
Bye bye, and have fun in Copper Harbor.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Some afternoon clearing Pilgrim Watershed trail

We headed out late on Tuesday for some more clearing of the Pilgrim Watershed trail.
Yes, this is the south end of the single track trail.  Can you see it?

Behind Sandy, you can see the map holder.

After some of the brush was cut back.

Further down the trail, some brush was knocked down.

Now us trail mutts can see it again.

Before we left for the day, the weeds at the junction were knocked down.

And maple whips.

What an improvement!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another cycle tourist!

Marco came all the way to Houghton, just to see us!   He's another cycle tourist, but from Switzerland via Chicago.
We were greeting Marco, and oh-oh-oh! look who showed up.

Bailey wanted to meet Marco too!

It was hot out so we joined Marco for a nice cool dip in the canal.

Then we helped him get organized for his trip to the Isle.
We like to help, ya know.

Church, tourist and much more.

This post is of the various adventures we've had our paws in recently.
Bailey came over to say hi!  We love to run and tussle with him.
He lives just up the hill from us.

Hi Audra, we have been very good.
Could Bailey stay and play with us?
Then Derek came back from his trip to the Isle.  We missed you!

We don't get no petting at this house.

Then at Good Shepherd church, Sunday morning.
Dar who is on the right, was the visiting pastor today. 
She is now trail mutt approved!

After church, we got to mingle with everyone we love to see. 
Like Matt and Paige!

Hi Danielle. It's so good to see you. 
We don't get much of this at our house.

Ya, I could use some good scratching too.

I never get any good chest rubs either.

Ya, you can rub us both.

Sunday afternoon while it was so HOT out, our
pack cut dead branches from the trees
behind our house.  We hunted chipmunks during this,
but took nice breaks in the shade.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

More clearing done on the Pilgrim River Watershed trails.

On Saturday morning, we found it to be a perfect day to spend in the woods. So out to the Pilgrim Watershed trail we went!
Arly spied this impressive wasp nest on a tree leaned over the trail.
Good thing no one was home!

Sandy dispatched many whips and saplings with the lopper.

Me and Gromit did lots and lots of hunting.

Brush a coming down.

Gone! Looks like a well kept trail again.

Mutts recommend, always start and end your day with a cool creek dip.

Sandy packed a picnic lunch.

Can't find a better place for a picnic!

This is the table John and Arly cleaned this week.
Soon it will be re-finished.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Summertime fun. Tourist-n-trailwork!

On Monday, we had a friendly cycle tourist stop by on his way to a Kayaking trip at Isle Royale.
Oh ya Derek, we are so glad you came just to visit us.

Some dogs just don't ever get touched here.

Later this week, John came out to help Arly.
This is the second picnic table at the Pilgrim Watershed
Trail off Boundary Rd.
Done! Later they will both be re-finished.

Then, Sandy arrived with the 4-leggeds.

We came along to supervise trail work being done.
And to have some cool dips, of course.
I love being out here and helping on the trails.