Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still skiing but looking to change it up!

Breaking News:  Gromit's pack is still skiing here but getting rather tired of it after 5+ monthsIs that enough?   If your trails are dry, please let us know and we’ll make a special weekend trip to them and go riding with you.
This photo was taken a few summers back at Swedetown trails.  
Gets us in the mood for a ride!

Back in Swedetown Creek Gorge!

Ya it's spring but at least we got out for a run along this beautiful creek. 
Frankly I just don't get out much ya know.
The creek is certainly up, but not flood stage.
We are standing on a bridge!

The Sisu bridge has quite a bow in it now.

This narrow pedestrian bridge has some bow too!

This is my favorite creek you know.

I'm so glad my pack can still ski!

Every winter I forget I have web paws but this
flowing water sure makes me nervous!

Ya, she's a running!

The bridge at the dam seemed OK.

A hunting dog like me can never rest.

We stopped to check the middle bridge out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend travels, fun with family and many snow adventures!

 The pack decided it was time we had a holiday with family, so we packed up on Friday and headed west to Ely.
We stopped by our favorite trails in Ironwood - Wolverine.

See the jump at the top?
This club's roots is in ski jumping.

Because they allow mutts like me, they are trail mutt approved.

The snow was great!

Back to the chalet!

On Saturday afernoon up in Ely MN, we stopped at Hidden Valley for a nice romp around these fine trails.  Sadly, we can only ski here after they have closed for the season because they don't allow dogs.  Gee, they'll never get trail mutt approval doing that!

C'mon! I know the way, I'll lead usual.

It was a fine spring day in the woods.

Snow was getting skimpy but we still had such nice time here.

We had some nice R n R time with Gramma and Grampa.

On Easter Sunday we scoped out the lakes up north....
still ice covered.

We walked aorund town. Hey! I smell maple syrup.

Where's the dog?

My pack took after me, and basked in the sun.

I'm really more of a lap dog, ya know.

On Monday, we headed back home.
 We took a break in Duluth for a stroll.

I'm a regular at the Duluth Pack store,
they are trail mutt approved.
And I love little girls!
This is a special additional photo of a  Pileated woodpecker
who came to visit our feeder.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th and romping in fresh snow!

Ya, you got that right.
I had to survey the area before we headed out.
The snow looks great!

I spy vermin in the woods!

Finally, the slow pokes are going. They said skiing was great.

I mostly hunted off-trail.

I can really fly now, with my nice short springtime haircut!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Shave and More Snow!

Sandy thought I needed a cut to celebrate spring.
She says this helps keep the mud outside.

I don't think this is anything good for trail mutts.

Ya, this makes me nervous!
 The next day I was outside and spring snow storm started up!

We still got a good base here.  No mud!

Good thing I'm a snow dog.   We might get  10" in the next 24 hours.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hungarian Falls spring snowshoe adventure!

With the spring melt happening here, Mark's gang thought is was time to visit these wonderful falls. 
Oh ya, I get to be social with people AND other trail mutts!

Up we go and we were glad to have snowshoes on.
  Of course,  trail mutts don't need any.

We stopped at the top of the taller falls to take pictures.
There are many falls along here.

Best part was Franee did scratch me some.

She lost her pole over the edge and Mark went
down to look for it.  It looks like this Mark!

At the top.

Me and all the mutts had such a nice time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Bridges and Skiing of Swedetown Gorge (no movie!)

My pack wanted to check the bridges in the gorge out for high water damage. Frankly I'm glad to get out and run, because we just don't do much around here!!
This is Sisu bridge.
We spied some damage here.

Up stream, we checked out the middle bridge.

The cribbing Mark Roberts and his crew added last fall,
 seems OK for now.

We'll be replacing this one in the fall.

Ya, my favorite creek is up.

What we call the National Guard bridge seems fine.
This one we worry the least over.

Still some tracks left.
All-paw drive don't need no stink'n tracks!

Now at the Dam. (long ago washed out)

Cribbing here seemed OK.

Dam meadow bridges seemed OK as well..

What happen to the snow mushrooms??

Sandy checks the bridge near Tomasi ditch.
You won't get me no closer to that edge!

We had such a nice spring ski together.

Arly closed the trail gates this week.  We can still romp here, can't we?  I think so!
My buddy Terry sent us this photo.  He's on the Sikuliaq in Lake Michigan this week.
Terry scratches my ears when he's here to visit.  I love that!