Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Swedetown swing II!

With the sun out and trails drying, I've coaxed my pack out a few times and on Tuesday Jim and Melissa were in town so we swung up to ride Swedetown trails with them.   This was our second time there this year.   It was great! 
We are getting ready to go.

We're off!  Sandy got a nice photo of me here.

Here they come.

Vermin spotting is still good,
since the leaves aren't out yet.

South Side trail is always fun.

We met this fellow along they way. 
I'm sure he's friendly but we didn't stop.

Sandy got a nice shot here!   You can see the trail wander into the right side.
Now we'll go down Farmer's Well.

We went right through the kitchen.

I checked for the sand hill cranes that we saw here last year.

On our way back now.

We stopped so I could cool off and get a nice drink.

We has SUCH a nice ride with them.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Swedetown creek gorge hike.

With snow falling here overnight and breezy out, my packed headed into Swedetown gorge to look at the bridges down there.  It's always nice and warm down there.
This is one in what we call "the dam meadow".
Looks like it will need some work.
This is the "middle bridge" that was built this past summer.

This one we plan to replace this summer with one that's
wider, much stronger and with a railing for winter crossing.
Would you like to help us do that?  Then contact them at
arlyn.aronson(a) or 370-2911  Thanks!
This is the Sisu bridge we plan to replace in the next two years.
We looked under it for damage.  This was SO scary!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Part II, Ely adventures

After the symphony with Sandy's folks, we then headed north to Ely MN.  
We went for a hike on the Hidden Valley ski trails.
They don't allow dogs so they are not trail mutt approved,
at least over the winter.
Gee, I wish they at least allowed trail mutts here.  This looks fun!
Back at the Vesel's, busy dogs can really relax here. 

On Monday we went for a nice hike on the Kekekabic trail.
We'd never been on it before.

This starts 25 miles NE of Ely.

Oh this is nice.

We bumped into these fellows who'd been out to camp and hike a 27 mile loop.  They were friendly.

Shortly after that, we bumped into another friendly hiker.

Sandy and Mr Mitchell discussed routes.
Are we camping here tonight?  I hope so!

A fine overlook.

This is an old beaver dam the trail crosses on.

Axe marks.  This is confusing since this is not a wilderness area...

A BIG one that fell across the trail.
 Who's going to axe this one off the trail????

Oh good, a cool pond to lay in.

The trail wasn't marked overly well and few blazes were seen.
Here tape was used.

We stop for lunch.

We cross a cut over section.

We found old trail lumber piled up.  What was it for?

The trail crossed many ancient rock outcrops

We had such a nice hike.
We may come back  and do a three day hike on the 27 mile route
the fellows had did.

Almost back.  These rocks are from the hole to put the power pole in.
Wheres the dirt?

Back to town, I was hungry.

We had such a nice time here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hikes, rides, Ely and more

Oh Ya, my pack needed some time off and planned to attend a Duluth-Superior Symphony performance with Sandy's folks.  I don't get out much ya know.   On Friday the 6th, we headed west knowing it was going to get warm out, so we decided to not ride that day.   I'm more of a winter dog ya know.   We got onto the North County trail just west of Mellen WI to hike a short section of it.
This is a ski trail over the winter.
The Marsh Marigolds are coming out.

We crossed a creek which I used to cool off and drink from. 
Trail mutts do that.

We checked out the shelter here.  Are we going to stay?

Looks like some trail signs are coming down.
Maybe it needs some trail love?

This was quite a nice hike.  We've skied here as well.

It was a nice hike, but quite warm out.

Then we headed to Cable WI!  We usually camp, but with it
 being a rather short stay, we got a Humming Bird
 cabin which are near Cable, reasonably priced,
 very nice plus they are trail mutt approved. 
Would you like to stay here??   Just get in touch with Cathy.
Oh good, since it was cooler out the next morning,
we got out for a run!  (Well, they rode...)
We are members of the CAMBA trails.
These are SO nice. 
Maybe we're lost?
The leaves still aren't out so it was bright and sunny.
Makes for nice photos!
These trails are very well marked.
We took a little break. Arly was getting tired.
We cross the high point of this trail. Didn't spot a ski jump.
The Gravity Cavity!
It was a great run, so I cool off in the shade.
Now we're at my favorite Days Inn motel in Duluth.
 They are trail mutt approved and I even spied some kids here!