Saturday, September 13, 2014

North Shore Hike-n-Camp adventure day IV

Ya, my last day to hike with Uncle Dave! After we packed up our camp, we hiked to the car and returned to our starting point at Lutsen ski resort to day-hike and see the views there.
We headed west from here.

I can't read, but no bridge is closed to trail mutts!

Ya, the Poplar River is pretty.

I took a cooling dip here.

Let's go!

I don't know what this white diamond means?

Another overlook.

We checked out the fungus.

Oh ya, Dave gave me some tasty jerky!

Dave, our adventure with you has been much bigger than that!

Yet another scenic overlook,
this one with the ski area in the distance.

We took a closer, yet careful, look at the Poplar River.
At least I was careful!

Oh ya, no one ever touches me.

That evening we stocked up at the Tofte General Store
and headed back to the CG on Temperance River for
our last supper and camp out together.

I already miss you, Uncle Dave.
Who's gonna scratch me now?

North Shore Hike-n-Camp adventure day III

Oh ya. Here we go on our 3rd day on the trail.
Hey uncle Dave, can you help me with my pack?

Starting before we got to camp and continuing after there,
we hiked through a blow-down area

Arly steps up for a better view.


Here's a rooty section.  Soon after here we left
our packs and hiked down a spur trail to see some falls.

We hiked along the rivers edge to get here.

Ya uncle Dave, no-one ever touches me.
We bumped into some friendly hikers! 
Ya, you can scratch me some!
Like I said earlier, no-one ever does that.

This section and many today,
are best done with all-paw drive.

If you used all four, you'd go faster!

Dave don't need no stink'n bridge!

Trout Creek was a  nice lunch spot, and apparently also good for sunning yourself.

Me and Sandy cooled our paws off.
She's finally listening to me! This is refreshing.

Uncle Dave took a nap here.
Maybe going under the bridge wore him out?
The 2-leggeds slowly inched up the steep climb out of the canyon.

Arly found a seat cut in an old white pine log.


Me and Sandy looked down on the Cascade River.

Almost to North Cascade River camp!

The 2-leggeds insist on filtering...I drink directly from the river.

Uncle Dave is worried about bears and racoons...I'll keep an eye out.

Sandy helps get the food up and safe.

This was such a nice camp.

Although, by dark, I was very sleepy from our busy, busy day hiking.

North Shore Hike-n-Camp adventure day II

Being a trail mutt is all about camping and hiking!  This is the second day as we hike northeast along the shore.

The 2-leggeds consulted the map before we headed out
for Indian Camp Creek.

Bye-bye, Lake Agnes chippys.

I wonder if we'll see any friendly hikers today?

Here's some!

I sure didn't see no caribou on the trail...

Sandy reads a sign for me since I can't read.
I guess any squirrels I catch will be
considered poached!

Up we climb.

The 2-leggeds enjoyed the view of Caribou Lake
from the top. I enjoyed the scratching.

Do I need to show them where to go again??

I'll let Arly lead for now.

Dave, this is a great water hole!

Jonvick Creek beaver dam

This wiggly boardwalk made me nervous!

We took a break at a snowmobile trail shelter.

Down we go.

Arly removed my pack so I could take a cool dip.

I do recommend Spruce Creek!

Me and Uncle Dave hung together for a while.

Finally, we spied the Big Lake.

The descent to camp

Finally! Indian Camp Creek.

This was another nice camp spot.

This creek is good for cooling, drinking...

...and washing your paws off.

We had such a nice hike today.

I wonder if Dave knows how hungry I am?

Arly was glad to get his favorite "Dinty Moore"
 (actually home made, dehydrated stew)

I don't think he sees me.

Since Dave didn't share his vittles, I had to go catch a mouse to eat.
Although, I only did play with it.
I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?