Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday trail clearing adventures

On Tuesday morning, the dog truck was loaded with tools and we headed south to Forest Service Rd 1470 that's located just west of Bob Lake and near the NCT spur trail to the camp ground, that we had cleared earlier.  It's not adopted and in rough shape, which we'd seen first hand when we cleared the spur trail.
Oh Good!  Josh is here to help.

Ya, lets get our tools and get a going.
Sandy is clearing limbs that people had lop-n-dropped here before.
Here is another view of that. The short limbs remaining are
unsightly and adopters are not supposed to do that,
nor leave the cut limbs where hikers can see them.

We made good time today.

Can you see the blaze on the tree?
We trimmed the branches in front of it,
to clear the sight line, as should be done.
Here is a BIG tree that had came across the trail.
We moved the trail from under this dangerous dead-fall.


We found a few spray painted blazes today.

Done!  And we are hiking out.
Back at the truck, it's warm out!
So we sat in the shade to have a cool refreshment.
After that, we hiked west to see the state of that trail.

We did see some signs of weed whacking here.
 This was the 1st time we'd ever seen evidence of weed whacking
on any trail near here, other than what we've done.
Hopefully lots of brush trimming is coming soon...

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tuesday Bob Lake camp-n-trail clearing adventure!

On Monday afternoon when Sandy got home from work, we headed to Bob Lake to camp and for another trail clearing adventure!
We got here late, just before dark.  On the way out,
we figured out that we left a few camp supplies at home.

So the next morning, we made coffee with a "make shift" drip cup.

But we still had pancakes and bacon!

After breakfast, we headed out.

OK, this is where we left off on Sunday and today we got back at it.

And the big bad branches started to come down.

Sandy is knocking the weeds down.
Me and Wally stay away from that noisy machine!

Yes, this is the trail.

This is this the machine to knock weeds and shoots down.

Arly is cutting branches down. We made it to the beaver pond bridge!

We stop for a break. Why do the trail mutts stay so close by?

Now Sandy is clearing the weeds along the bridge.
 She is barely visible on the left side.

We stopped for lunch and Sandy left the potato snacks out just
for me!

But I'll be good, I won't try them.
Even though I really would like to. 
I'm getting to be a BIG dog now.

Ya, we'll get this section cleared after lunch.

This was taken on the beaver pond bridge.

And were is that puppy?  In the pond again!

Bridge is cleared!

It's late in the afternoon and I think we're done working.

Oh ya, we are walking out.

We'll come back on the weekend.  Would you like to help us?

It's been a long day on the trail, and in the ponds.
Trails mutts fell asleep as soon as they were done eating.

We had a wonderful dinner here and then headed home.
If you could help on the weekend, just get in touch.
arlyn.aronson @  

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Good Shepherd church at the park!

You know that Wally and I love to go to church. This past Sunday was extra special, since Good Shepherd had the service and pot luck at the park! McLain State Park to be exact.
Many friendly people were in attendance.
I snuggled up to Greg and Kim right off.

And Jenny!

Meanwhile Wally had to be on his lead since he has
a hard time being on his best behavior.

Hey! I haven't seen you kids in quite some time.

Hi Sandy!

We even got to meet Vanessa's friend.
We can't remember how to spell his name, sorry...

He wasn't used to dogs so we helped him see how good we can be.
Vanessa likes us too!

Ya we sure had fun getting to know you.

Good luck at Grad School in Ohio...we'll miss you.

After the pot-luck we took a stroll on the trail that goes
by Bear Lake. It was hot, and we were glad to take a dip.

Then we checked out the erosion at the camp ground.
The BIG lake is up!

We of course had to cool off in our Big Lake.

Gromit, nothing is better than visiting, church,
food, romps, and the lake!