Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer trail romps and inspection

Oh, you know we love to get out on the trails. Many of them even look different now, and have more water crossings! We like water, but the 2-leggeds say the water crossings need to be fixed for them. Lame!
Chipmunk hunting has been good. This is on Tech trails.

Peepsock Creek at Tech. Beautiful scene, but terrible destruction.

Yes, this used to be the ski trail.

Peepsock Creek popped many bridges off, upstream.

Hard to believe that little trickle was roaring just a few days ago.

Kelpies think they are water dogs.  This is the Pilgrim river.

We sniffed the thimble berry blossoms.

A big slough off has made the ski trail quite narrow.

On Tuesday, we hiked around Churning Rapids.
I was glad to see all the water! But the 2-leggeds didn't agree.

Many wet spots were found.

Spring Creek is calming back down.
I do like to get into every stream we come across.

Arly was glad this bridge didn't wash away!
We also checked M-203, where Swedetown Creek washed out
the bridge.

Guess we can't feel too bad that it swept away the "little" ski
trail bridges.

In the gorge, bottom of Sidewinder.

Everything is so different.  The bridge that was here is gone!

But it's still our favorite creek.

We had such a nice romp here.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

High water! More photos

After we found out church service was canceled, we went for a walk to see the damage.  Lots of photos here!
This is the walking path from MTU's Garnet St parking lot
going to 7th.

The bottom of Agate hill.

7th Ave. down the hill from the Garnet parking lot.
The river washed out Clark St too.

Bottom of Agate

Shelden Ave, down town. Yes this is the side walk!

5th & Elm Coffee had a torrent go right through it,
plus the patio outside. Where the patio was, is now a sink hole.

Down by the library.

Along 7th again. Me and Gromit were so glad to see so many kids!

Ya, lots of friendly people were out.

At Maki apt on Garnet, just east of our house.

White water rapids on Garnet St.

Bottom of Agate again.

The torrent of mud keeps coming.

Garnet St near 7th

MTU's Garnet St lot. This photo did not capture the
immensity of this wash out.

Bottom of sidewalk as it comes on to 7th

For puppies who like playing in the water,
much of the town is a play ground!

7th and Garnet

Franklin St.

Oh ya we're happy to meet you!

Looks like The Print Shop narrowly escaped damage.
Our friends own this shop.  Is it OK inside?

Oh I love friendly girls.
All kinds of friendly people were out walking today.

Hey! Lotsa dogs were out too.

Everyone was friendly.

Here an old garage foundation was revealed by the wash out.

We spied some pretty flowers too.

White water on Franklin St.

Didn't know there was a "creek" here at 7th and Franklin

You know we LOVE kids!

High water in Ho town!

Last night in Houghton, streets washed out when 6+ inches of rain fell.  We had something over 5" in our gauge, but that's all it holds.  Heavy rains were reported from Dodgeville to Lake Linden, all near here.
This is Agate street, near our home.

We use this street daily to get downtown.

Yes she is gone.  We seen storm drains, and other pipes exposed.

You might be able to tell, but this street is a very steep grade.

Our church, Good Shepherd, can be seen at the bottom.
There is a boat in the canal as well.

The city guys were out moving materials that washed down the hill.
In the background, you can see Mt Riply ski area.

Much of Houghton was built on slopes.

Oh well.
Later today, we'll look at other streets that do poorly when it rains hard.