Monday, July 18, 2016

Bare Bluff adventure!

On Sunday afternoon, we joined Mark's gang for a hike around the Bare Bluff preserve.

We gathered at the visitor center in Calumet.
No-one ever rubs my hips good like this!
Now we start up the trail.  This is near Lac La Belle.
We hike along a cliff of rhyolite.

It's steep here but no problem for a dog with all paw drive.
We stop to gaze at the BIG lake.

Up a fault the group climbs to the top of the cliff.
Ya it's a climb.

We stop for snacks at the top.  This is looking east along the shore.

Lisa is a real ham!

On the way down, it started to rain so Ryan donned
his raincoat.
We had such a nice time here today.

Weekend rides!

On Saturday morning my pack was at Tech trails and rode around them for more than a hour.




After that, they left me home and headed up to Swedetown trails saying something about the heat and mileage being hard on old dogs.   Who are they talking about? 
Out of the parking lot, they headed out on the
 Back Country trail.

They met Dave and Mary here for a ride.
They live downstate.

They had sold them a bike a few years back.

They did GREAT riding on these trails!

We had a most enjoyable ride with them.

Arly and Sandy hope they see them back up for a
ride again soon.

Friday, July 15, 2016

More music and kids!

Today Arly took me down to the Portage Lake Library to listen to the Keweenaw Brew Grass group play some blue grass.

These guys are sooooo good!

Oh ya, you can pet me some.  I never get none of that.

Hey!  I know this family.  You and me are regulars here.
You can pull my tail too.

Did you know I never get any touching?

Ya kids, I love them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mt Baldy hike in da heat.

Since the rain had forced us home from our vacation one day early, this allotted us some free time.  So on Tuesday with temps getting rather warm, we headed up the peninsula to hike up to the Mt Baldy preserve.
Oh ya, we've been up here before.  It's a 2.7 mile hike to the top.

Hey! I spied some friendly hikers as I cooled off in this creek

Oh ya, you can pet me some.

At the top, its all copper harbor conglomerate rock here.

This is looking east.

This is west.  The breeze was blowing my ears back.

We spied a down bound boat while up here.
The means she's heading to the lower lakes.
This is looking north.

This is a closer view of the boat.
Seems it's the barge-tug, Presque Isle.
It's a 1000ft long, bulk carrier.  More info about it can be found here.

We head back down.

Ya it's warm out today.  Will winter be here soon?

I'm sure they allow trail mutts here!

At home that evening, the neighbors came by with their pup Daisy

We wrestled, bit, growled, snapped and ran together.
We had soooooo much fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day II and rain, so we hiked.

We got rain and rain overnight, NOAA said about an inch.
Those two were bummed they couldn't ride but
I knew darn well we could go for a hike.

Just down the road the North Country Trail crossed highway D.
A very friendly FS employee was here and we chatted with him.

We'd never been on this section before.
A few miles in was a tower we'd hike in to see.

This is an old fire tower on top of a rocky ridge.

We got a kick out of this marking. 
This is near Grand View WI.

It wasn't much of a view, but
a nice spot to hike to just the same.

Coming down the ridge, we spied some pretty flowers.

It was HOT out today.

We found quite a few trees across the trail.
Maybe more than a dozen in the 2 miles we did to the tower.

We're not sure what these white blazes mean. 

Oh good, a cool creek we passed by.

Back to camp, Sandy's working on the KNSC news letter.

Meanwhile, I stayed busy chasing this chipmunk.

This is looking up the same tree.
He did come down and I chased him!

Tonight they made grilled vegetables with sausages.

Hummmmm that looked good.

And guess what happened the next morning?  It rained again!
So we went to a coffee shop in Cable WI.
Oh ya, there was a bunch of friendly customers who'd stop by
and scratch my ears.  No-one ever does that!

This is our favorite coffee shop in Cable - The Brick House.

We spied a robin on top of a sign while there.
No, we didn't get to run that much, but still had a nice time here.