Sunday, March 17, 2019

Perrault Lake spring romp!

Oh it's getting more spring like. The pack decided to check out the crust skiing near Lake Perrault. It didn't disappoint!
We parked at the pull-off where the sledders commonly park.

Let's go!  The crust was nice and firm.
Ya it's been a good snow year up here.
I can't read, but I don't think this sign says anything.
We skirted around the north east side of the lake atop the ice.
Looks like sledders have been here to!

Then we romped up, then wheeee back down.

Wally, we'll cross the outlet here.

Trail mutts do like to play it safe.

Hey! I smell something interesting here.

We stop for tea time.

Puppies don't require much prompting to do some digging.

Someone else romped here today too.
We're so glad to have some good spring skiing!

Spring must be close at hand.
The neighbor boys got a bike out.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

North American mine ski adventure.

On Saturday morning we jumped into the dog truck and headed NE to Cliff Drive, to ski along the old North American road!
We see real snowbanks along the road in Calumet.
And they've even melted some!
We park along Cliff Rd at the start of the North American Rd.
Since it rained earlier this week then froze there
was a hard crust that made for easy romping.
Hey! I could leap this in a single bound.

We spied some prayer flags and other memorabilia on this cedar tree.

Then, on up we go. The fresh snow made for nice skiing.

At the top, we get a peek at the Big Lake.
Tea time!

Yes the crust is so hard you can walk anywhere without
plunging through.

Let's get a going!

We went north and onto a ridge.  It was breezy here.

We skied along its top for a while.

Where's Sandy?

There she comes!
I think it's time we head back down.

This is how trail mutts get a drink.
While the puppy found something stinky.
I better check this out!
He seemed to think he'll dig it out, and get a closer smell.
On the way down, we spied many little boulders along the way.
They made me get on top of it!

Now I'll come down.
See all the snow that's been rolling down this cliff?

This is the smoke stack which remains
from the North American Mine power plant.

Another boulder!  I wonder when they rolled down here?

We got home and had some kibble.
Adventures like this, sure can make trail mutts sleepy.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Deep snow on Boundary Rd again!

On Monday afternoon, Sandy got away from work early enough and with this daylight savings time, we had plenty of sunlight for deep snow adventure and to even get photos of it.  This is the Pilgrim Watershed Trails on Boundary RD just south of town, that we've done many times this winter.
Ya, seems the truck is getting lower.

You can tell the snow remains deep for puppies.

It was kinda breezy and chilly but
winter dogs found it to be delightful.

But once we got off the more packed trail, the older mutt was struggling in it.

So we wait for her to catch up.

We did have some old tracks to follow early on.

But now we're breaking our own trail.

We made it to the river overlook.  This is as far as we'll get today.

Wally's on the picnic table. 
Here is the same location, earlier this winter.
The sun is out!  The old girl catches up and we give her a break.

What a wonderful day to be out.

On the packed trail on our way back, mutts do better.

We think the snowpack is about 4ft here.

Puppies need to follow when it's deep.

Ya, it was slow going.

The snow banks in Dodgeville have a ways to go yet.

A note from the pack,   Google's blogger system is deleting old photos posted here and many of them seem to go each week.  Searching the web, we see other people experiencing the same problem with no clear solution to this.   Google says "it's your fault because other people are deleting them from your location", or "you've also stored them on Picasa which is another google product and no longer in use".    Since we've not deleted them and never used any web storage system, we can not find the answer this ongoing problem.  We may need to close this blog and find another system to use.  Would you have any ideas?