Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday's snow day

Oh ya!   On Tuesday morning Sandy and I got out for a romp in the fresh snow.
The sun was out and made Swedetown creek very pretty.

The ice had funny marks on it

I'm just glad to be out!

We made our way around the old mud lake loop
 that was closed for logging.

Hunting was good!  I smelled a mouse.

Oh ya!

Trail mutt's like me can really bound.

Snow baths are the best!  This keeps my coat baby soft.
Another glorious day to be out in the white.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday with Anthony! (and other kids)

Oh ya!  You know I newer get to see any kids!   But on Sunday morning Arly came home and got me and took me to church.   Anthony was there waiting for me!
Kids are my specialty... They can touch me!.

 Presley, Anthony and I were camping.

Oh ya.

We were doing tricks.

Max and Megan are my new friends.

Me and Mike are already pals.

Ya, Simon, you can rub me too.

We got to cuddle a little.

I'll miss both of you, Annika and Anthony!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Twin Saturday snow advnentures!

Saturday was great since I got in multi snow romps!
After Arly got done working Saturday morning, my pack finally decided to get out for a ski in the warm weather.
We checked out Maasto, of course.

This is trail mutt approved!

We met the Aitamaa's from Stevens Point.
They were friendly!

Me and Sandy checked out the growing snow mushrooms.

Great base on the bridges!

Oh dear, this tree has really gotten pushed down.

We got to chat with Chris again! She approves
of the trails, too.
We love the trails.

Then in the afternoon we headed with Mark's gang to Twin Lakes!
All the 4-leggeds tried to help the lame 2-leggeds get ready.

Snow mutts love this kinda trail.

Bella says, "I'll help groom the trail!"
The woods are gorgeous!


They get more snow up here than we do.
 It's pulling some trees down.

I think the lake is the other way, Mark.

I love Frannie!   She rubs me.

Can you believe a sight like this?

Funny how the snow sticks.

The gang is on their way back.

We saw the sun a few times peeking through the woods.

Hummmm, I hope remove the snow load!
Note the cement mixer on the right.

The people and the mutts, had such a nice romp today.