Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nara Pilgrim River BC ski!

I was able to prompt Arly and Sandy out for another deep snow adventure on this grand, sunny day.

Are these apples ready for pie?
I saw funny marks on the river's ice.

OK let's cross here...'s good all the way across.

Hey!  Nobody's following so I'm heading back!

This was a snow bomb that feel from a tree.

Ya we got snow.

I smell a Pileated.

I'm "berry" glad it's winter.

I think trails are SO important that everyone should help keep them open.
This is our neighbor boys bike. All the guys here ski and ride. I love them!  I smell chain oil.  Maybe spring will be here soon?

Copper Harbor BC Deep Snow Adventure!

On Saturday Arly was able to take the day off from grooming, so I prompted the pack north to check out the back country in Copper Harbor.
Geez, Arly. Let's go already!
Finally! Looks like a great day for a BC ski.
The pay pipe is almost buried!

It was a day of continual snow baths for me.
AND it was snowing.

I led on way usual.

My balancing rudder/tail was put to serious use today.

I took a break to wait up on Arly.

He side-stepped up to get over the road ditch...
I just jumped. C'mon, let's go, Arly!

The Garden Brook trail was really snowy.

This burl was wearing a cap.

Whew...I'm going to have to follow these slow pokes for a while.

This tough going makes me hot!
Ya, I'm getting tired.

All the signs give an idea of the extent of the snow depth.
This was one of many down trees over the long board walk
at the end of the Garden Brook trail.

I love the taste of snow.

How can that itty bitty tree hold up that much snow??

Again, see how deep the snow is?
 These signs are usually above the 2-leggeds's heads.
This one is the northern Woopidy Woo/Garden Brook intersection.
This is at the "Y" bridge....
...which is the more southern
Woopidy Woo/Garden Brook intersection.
I'm coming!
Don't gloat that you're faster than me, for once.

Biker sign near the bottom of Garden Brook trail.

Since they're tired and finding few tracks,
we're heading back down on the Military road.

We swung in to see Lorri and Rick on the way home.

Lorri gives the best face massages.
Ya no-one ever touches me!

They like to talk smart about skiing....everyone knows all-paw drive is the way to go!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Barney Loppet and kids!!

Oh ya you know I love kids.  On Sunday was the Sons of Norway Barney Loppet kids ski race on the Maasto trails.
They came running in to register.

Ya, kids everywhere.  I see a friendly dog as well!
Wayne lines them up to start.

They're off!!

Many waves of kids raced today.

These must be Norwegian kids!

The kids are racing back!
Oh ya.

Everyone got an award.

Why are kids falling off this pile of snow?


You did SO well today.

You too...

Everyone had so much fun.


It was a magical day for a dog like me

Oh ya!   My award was to be with kids.

Hot chocolate was popular.

I LOVE ski tigers!