Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas weekend fun!

Finally, the pack is having some proper winter adventures.
We got to spend Christmas Day on the trails, and
we saved presents for later.

Gramma and Grampa always send me the best gifts.

On Saturday, we had the gift of more snow!

Wednesday's wind knocked many limbs and branches onto the trails.

I helped Sandy touch up the maps that we put out yesterday.

It was snowing nicely!

Me and Charlie got to romp when he came by with Sue Ellen.

I was able to egg some back rubs from her.
No one ever rubs me!

We'll replace this map next week.

Conditions are perfect for snow bathing.

I recommend it!

Let's keep going!

I'm so glad we're finally getting out to ski.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A little Christmas here.

Oh ya, Today we were on the trails and decorated a tree.
I'm glad just to get out and run some.
My pack said I needed that.

A friendly guy and his dog came by so I got to romp some.

My lame pack didn't get a photo of that.

On Saturday night is the candle luminary ski.
I'll be there. Will you??

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Twin Lakes snow bounding

My lame pack decided to not do trail clearing, but rather head west to Twin Lakes to see if the snow was deep enough for bounding.   I did that while they skied their usual pace: slow.
Snow was looking better up in the high country.

The ski trail is behind the DNR garage.
I've met the friendly DNR staff before.
Hey! Looks pretty good to me.
Let's go!  The trail is this way!
Oh, the snow is good up here.

This is my favorite early season snow romping spot.

All paw drive does require occasional maintenance.

After hunting off-trail, I join them for a bit...

...ya, I blew right past her.

I could leap and bound in this stuff all day.

Which way shall we go?

I smell a mouse!

I'm a water dog you know.

And this is Lake Superior water.

I take a break now and then.
No problem for a winter dog to relax in the snow.

We stop for snacks, as usual.  I'm on the left!

Trails needs some maintenance...

You can see that the wind blew from the west.

Lake effect snow does this.

I hope we ski again real soon!

Friday, December 18, 2015

It's here!

The lake finally dumped my favorite type of water here. Snow!
I just went out for a pee, and I was covered!
My luxurious coat does insulate.

Enough fell that Arly rolled it.  I love ski trails that allow dogs.
More ski trail photos can be seen here

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NCT excursion adventure!

Oh Ya, my friend Jeff was in town for some trail work fun so we all went for an adventure hike on our segment of the NCT Sunday.

We started at our favorite camp, the Gardner Road parking lot.

We set out on our 6.8 mile hike.
We admired Tank Creek.

Westward we go.
I spied a corner.

The water was high in all the creeks.

I lept Darling Creek in a single bound...
.....several times since it was so fun.

Finally, we made it to The  Middle Branch of the Ontonagan.

The bridge was kinda scary - so high up and wobbly!

Someone crossed here before us.

We had our lunch here.
Back east we head.

She doesn't leap quite as good as me.

The December sun was shining, but low in the sky.

After that hike, we headed to the best eatery in Rousseau.

Of course that's the Rousseau Bar!
This place is trail mutt(s) approved!
Him and the staff was friendly.