Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NCT excursion adventure!

Oh Ya, my friend Jeff was in town for some trail work fun so we all went for an adventure hike on our segment of the NCT Sunday.

We started at our favorite camp, the Gardner Road parking lot.

We set out on our 6.8 mile hike.
We admired Tank Creek.

Westward we go.
I spied a corner.

The water was high in all the creeks.

I lept Darling Creek in a single bound...
.....several times since it was so fun.

Finally, we made it to The  Middle Branch of the Ontonagan.

The bridge was kinda scary - so high up and wobbly!

Someone crossed here before us.

We had our lunch here.
Back east we head.

She doesn't leap quite as good as me.

The December sun was shining, but low in the sky.

After that hike, we headed to the best eatery in Rousseau.

Of course that's the Rousseau Bar!
This place is trail mutt(s) approved!
Him and the staff was friendly.

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