Friday, November 13, 2015

2015 Porkies backpacking adventure part 3

Days 4 and 5
We packed up in the morning. Only a short jaunt today!

We're leaving this lake, to go to Mirror Lake.

The morning stream was rising off of Carp Lake.

One last peek at the great escarpment.

Up the North Mirror Lake trail we hike.

I spy some super green moss.

Wonder how the barefoot runners like this trail?

I don't see why she bothers....I like getting my feet wet just fine.

Ahh...a cooling dip near the headwaters of the Little Carp river.

We made it!   Oh it was just a few miles today.

We were the only cabin dwellers on Mirror Lake today.

We had such a nice stay here.

We relaxed in between hiking without our packs
and gathering fire wood.

I wish we could live at Mirror Lake 8 bunk.

The next morning, we're on our last leg of our journey....
my pack didn't get any more cabin photos.

We hiked to the top of Summit Peak tower.

Finally! The garbage scow is unloaded. 
Why do I have to haul garbage!

Bye-bye, Porkies...see you at the yurt in March!

2015 Porkies backpacking adventure, part 2

Cabin to cabin hike day 3

In the morning, Arly made a log book entry to let folks
know we were here.

Arlyn thinks this is an old rail road coupler.
It is lying outside the cabin.  How could it get here?

Finally! We're going.

We stop for snacks at Shining Cloud Falls.

The big ol' hemlock makes a good pack rack.

Through the big hemlocks we hike.

I had to get a closer look at this big burl.

Here we veered north, towards the escarpment.

The bridge over the Big Carp was removed this past year.
What a super smart idea! See where hikers are attempting to build
a make shift crossing. So much safer!

The 2-leggeds found a ratty old tree upstream
to ford the river.

The Big Carp is no match for all paw drive.

Lunch stop! I had lame kibble.
Arly fired up the pop can stove again for hot cocoa.

Up we go.

Hunting was good on the escarpment.

Quite a grand stand of hemlock.

Here we catch our first glimpse of Lake of the Clouds
(aka Carp Lake)

Getting closer.

We finally see the visitor center stairs when climbing up the last saddle.

We had the views to ourselves. I wish there were some kids here.

After hiking down the hill, we finally make it to the cabin.

Hunting was excellent here at Lake of the Clouds cabin!

Ya Arly, now I can hunt unencumbered.

First though, I took a cooling dip.

No colors but a beautiful evening regardless.

10+ miles and lots of vermin hunting take their toll.

In the morning, we packed up to head to Mirror Lake.

3rd Annual Porkies backpacking adventure!

From October 31st to November 4th, we were on our Porkies fall cabin to cabin hike!
Sorry that we've been slow getting this up.
Sandy made us stand out in the drizzle for a photo.
We're getting ready to go.
The drizzle increased to a rain as we left.

There was some friendly hikers here.
They were going cabin-to-cabin like we were.

Arly, let's go!

Ya, a little rain doesn't slow down a trail mutt.

The first crossing of the Little Carp,
with the luxury of a bridge...

...unlike the second crossing!

I spy a funny RED fungus.

We're almost to the Greenstone Falls cabin!

After we got in, Arly wast tired and took a nap.

By the next morning, the rain had finally stopped.

More friendly hikers!  You know I love them!
I got to meet Rhonda and Phil from Duluth.

Off we go, headed to the Big Carp 6 bunk.

Our first unbridged crossing of the day.

I leap the log just as well with my pack as without.
Here comes Phil!

Our 2nd unbridged crossing...although, I don't need any bridge really.

Along the Little Carp we hike.

I don't get out much, ya know. Hikes make me giddy!

We stopped at the lake shore and made tea
with Dan's pop can stove.
I had a squirrel cornered in this rock!
Hunting dogs can do that.

This is such a pretty spot.

This is along the Lake Superior trail.

We made it!

We'd not stayed in this cabin before.
OK, now I get to have this darn ol pack off.

Arly goes to work on the fire wood supply.

Meanwhile, I had much more important work.

Many hours of hiking and hunting do make a
trail mutt tired.

We gazed out on the Big Lake as the sun went down.

Ya, I love this lake.

We love the Big Carp 6. It's our new favorite!