Monday, September 30, 2013

Duluth adventures!

Saturday morning we headed west to Duluth MN to meet Sandy's folks and had reservations at the Days Inn there.  I found the staff here very, very friendly. I deemed them trail mutt approved!
They can take care of customers and
scratch me, all at the same time.

Oh ya.

The whole staff was friendly like this.

I got to lay on the bed with Grampa Ray.
Gramma made him dress up for going to the symphony concert.

I found friendly people everywhere!
These were some Canadians, our neighbors to the north.

You know I love some good ear scratching.

Sunday morning we headed to Canal Park to seek adventure.

I found walls to jump up on.

The bridge only had to raise up a tad for this little Coast Guard boat.

I managed to find many more friendly people.
And kids!

These nice folks were visiting from Fargo.

Ya you can touch me too.

The pack took a cruise on the Vista Queen.
This was taken off her stern.

They went out on the Big Lake first.

We cruised past some salts anchored out here.
That means its an ocean going boat.

Then they toured the harbor.
This was the BAIE COMEAU unloading grain.

The BAIE COMEAU is a new Trillium class boat which came
to the lakes this summer.
My pal Terry is on this boat!

The American Century is loaded with coal.

She's a BIG one!

Where's Terry?

I think we missed him.  Bye, bye.  Hope we see you soon!

Under the Blatnik bridge.

At the DM & IR taconite dock. She's unloading limestone.

The CG cutter Alder was resting at her home pier.

Next the pack wandered around the shops.
 I didn't need no stinkin' pooch hitch.

The Duluth Pack store is dog-friendly.

It's trail mutt approved!

Here I met the friendly staff.   I LOVE them.

We went to see the Rose Garden to finish off our adventure packed day.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lake boat Kaye Barker visits us.

The bulk carrier  Kaye Barker passed through town yesterday on her way to Marquette.  If you click her name, you'll see more info.  Since freighters rarely pass through here, Arly and I went down to the waterfront to watch her.   
While at the library, I bumped into one of my blog fans!

Oh ya, I love it when you touch me.
No one ever does this at my house!

Here she comes under the lift bridge.

Its fall color time!
 Winter dogs do like cooler weather.

She's a classic built in 1952.

Bye, bye..Hope we see you again!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tech guide-N-ride with new friends!

We had some new friends in town who wanted to ride tech trails,  Sandy had Monday off so we took them for a quick spin around our favorite loops there.

These guys are SO friendly.  You should know I'm a social dog!

We took them around the first 1/2 of the time trail loop.

I love running along for a ride!

Then we took them down the flow trail. Whats it really called??
Go, go Wes!!!

And next is Al!

Oh ya!

At the bottom we caught them coming off.


We had such a good run with them.
You know I don't get out much.

When will I see you guys again?   Soon I hope!!