Thursday, October 31, 2013

Porkies Cabin Camp-N-Hike!

This was a BIG adventure over 4 days and since I'm just a dog, it's mostly photos and LOTS of them.
Sandy is picking up the cabin keys on Sunday afternoon.

Now we're off!

I got a new pack!

They made me carry all my own food and supplies this time.

This is trail mutt kind of terrain!

A trail marker is being ate by this tree.

They stopped for lunch.  I didn't need none!

We ran into snow as soon as we gained some elevation.
 I love snow!

This is Lilly pond.

This is our 1st cabin on Mirror lake.
Boy is it nice!
I said "hi" to some friendly hikers going past.
They had the next cabin over.

Who made a snowman??
Someone carved a face in the cabin.
Its in German but I can't read anyway..

I went for a dip.  Sandy wasn't happy with the
good smell I found.

Frozen rain came down. click, click, clink, clink, click, click.

I love this place!

I kept a chipmunk up in this tree.

Now we head down to the BIG lake and another cabin.

I'll show them just how easily a water dog crosses a river.

What?  That's the hard way to go!

A little all-paw drive is needed here.

We stopped to see the falls and snack.

I had trail kibble.

Oh this trail has some pretty spots!

We finally made it down to my favorite Lake Superior!.  The hikers at Mirror lake said this bridge had washed out this spring.

I love this cabin!  Its my favorite one!

This is like the Ramada!
But I'm more an outside dog where vermin is.

Oh my lake, I'm a water dog ya know.

Dusk that evening.  It was chilly!

An arrow made with white rocks to mark the trail.

A frosty rock the next morning.

I'll miss this place.

Lets go!

Now we head west along the shore.
Bye-bye lake shore chippy!

The friendly rangers who service the cabins are heading back.

Along the way we bumped into more friendly hikers and
 their trail mutt!

Now we headed inland again.

An old North County trail marker.

OK,, again I'll show you the easy way across.

Hope you fall in, the water was great!

Was Big Foot here... or a dinosaur??

Sandy makes her way across this tree.

Don't leave me!

Tea time.

I leapt up this rock with a tree on top.

Snow again!

Ya winter will be here soon.

The job of hunting chipmunks, is never done.
We made it to the Green stone cabin!

Its very nice, I might have to make it my favorite!

Campers left a toy for us. Hey, I bet kids were here!

Good chipmunk hunting here.

We went for an evening walk across the bridge.

The cabin was nice and all, but I prefer to stay out
during hunting hours.

Now we head back to the lot we left the breadbox at.

Finally!  My bags got emptied when we got back
to the parking lot.

Don't "Overlook" your chance to visit the Porkies soon!!
You could join us here for a post Thanksgiving weekend
for our camp-N-feast bash!
Details;  we rented the Union River bunk 8 cabin which
is the largest in the Porkies on Saturday the 30th.  
This is just a 1.5 mile hike in and we'll have a potluck dinner
there that day but we've not yet determined the time. 
Let us know if you'd care to join us.
My address is arlyn(a)