Sunday, December 31, 2017

Skiing and socializing!

Oh ya, it's been a busy and social weekend, for trail mutts like us!  The Nordic Ski Club of Milwaukee came by just to see us!  And of course ski Maasto.
The trails were a treat of course, but so was the lunch.

Wally, I go way back with Lois. Oh, we both love her!

I'm so glad, I got lots of rubbing and scratching today.
I never get any ya know.

Then, we got out for a ski!

Oh ya, another friendly Milwaukee skier.

Hey! I'm right here!

I'm just a pup, but I'm working to be social and be a big snow dog.

Donna on the left, says, she's afraid of dogs, but not trail mutts I hope!

Ya, you know I don't get much socializing. Will you guys be back soon?

Snow adventures continue! And friendly neighbor.

Sandy got us out for yet another romp in the snow on Saturday.  I hear them talking that we've received over 100" so far this season.  And special bonus: a new neighbor stopped by to say hi. 
With all this nice white, cool stuff, we can run and run in it.

Sandy says I needed more exercise and plenty of it,
so I can nap. What does she mean?

This is the Christmas tree found on the River Trail at Maasto.

Snow depths are increasing! Especially for a puppy like me,
with short little legs.

Hey! Who are you?

Mark is a new neighbor on 7th. We hope he comes over to visit again!
Are you coming over for supper?

Friday, December 29, 2017

Morning ski with freinds!

We had friendly skiers here, so Arly took the morning off and went skiing with us!
Ya Arly, you need to get out with us more! 
Come on Dan! Let's go!

Becky is coming too.  They'd not seen snow like this yet this year.

We took them down the River Trail.

This is our favorite trail...oh ya you can rub me.

We had lots of good views of Swedetown Creek.

This is our favorite river gorge anywhere.

OK, let's see where we go next.

Hey Wally!  I bet those skiers are friendly too!

I'll go check if they are.

Oh ya, we love friendly skiers like this.
No, I don't not what to come back inside. 
I like laying in the snow!  I am a winter dog ya know.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Snow romp, grooming and Christmas

Sandy got us out earlier today in this fresh deep lake snow.
It was cool out but Arly needed to make some tracks.
We came along to romp in the snow, as he did that.

I love this white stuff Gromit, but can you tell me what lake snow is?

Wally, lake snow is the best! Light n fluffy, perfect for all paw drive.
If you look close, this is a Christmas tree!

I'm glad Arly groomed the trails just for us.
Snow's getting deeper on the pedestrian bridge.
Where is that Wally now!!??!!??

Let's go look for Arly!

This is a fully insulated dog.

This one is the semi-insulated version.
Hey! We found Arly again.

See you at the trail head.

We can romp on the fresh groomed snow here.

We had such a nice little ski today.
Just what we wanted for Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Snow romps and Christmas

It's been a busy week here with snow, tussles in the house, and Christmas and all.
We could play tug-o-war morning, noon, and night...oh wait we do!

We got out for a romp at Maasto again.
We met lots of friendly skiers and 4-leggeds here!

We went by the Christmas tree.
We didn't find any presents under it, today.

Hi John! Fancy meeting you here at the triangle.  

What does she see? I better check it out.

OK, let's go!

I like to run with Gromit... She's my mentor.

...although it's still kinda hard to keep up!

We had such a nice ski. We made it to the west side of Mud Lake.

Oh, I had to get a taste of my favorite Swedetown Creek.

OK, time to get back to the trail.

Hey! This is kinda hard when you have short little legs.
This trail mutt stuff is lots harder that you would imagine!

Whew, Sandy helped me find another way back up...
I could still have been out there!

I'm super tired now....which makes me get very, very, annoying.

Why won't he just let me bite it?
Everything is good when you can bite it.

Gee, it sure is pretty down there.
When we got home, we were sleepy.
Why do they always say, "tired dogs, are good dogs"?