Sunday, April 23, 2017

The weekend's adventures!

There are photos from adventures I did in the woods and at Church over the weekend.  These adventures were, of course, BIG!
On Saturday morning with the temps getting warm, we
thought it would be fun to run around Mud Lake again.

Oh good, we found ski trail snow renaming.

On the Vista trail above Swedetown creek, we admired
someone's handy, artsy work.

Then on Sunday it snowed!
We headed back to Swedetown Creek for more romps!

Here comes Mark!  Seems he likes the snow too.

Here comes Suka and Bally!

I love having snow all over me!

Although, sometimes ya gotta get rid of some of it.

If John doesn't know I'm here, I'll lick him.

The 4-leggeds led the way, as usual.

Martin agrees with us - it's fun to be in the water!
Us Dogs had so much fun out here today.

They were scoping out a ski trail reroute.

We had such a nice romp here.

Then, we got to stop in to visit at church!

Oh ya,  Mike and Cindy, can both scratch me some. I love that!

And, I got to see some kids!

Ya, you can hug me.

It is even better when 2 kids hug me at the same time.

They were reading my collar.

The whole gang. (not all pictured here)

Vanessa even touched me some.

Annika was clowning around.

We had some nice pew time together. It made me sleepy.

Bye bye! See you soon.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sunday Eagle River excursion

On Easter Sunday afternoon, we headed up the Keweenaw to get in a hike, then dine at Fitzgerald's in Eagle River.
This is Jacobs falls, which were roaring.
We parked at the Great Sand Bay parking lot and headed in from there.
It's a red pine forest on the sand dunes here.

You can read more about this area here.

Sandy checked the ski trail map,
while I spotted something more interesting.

Oh good, there's still snow here for me to roll in and drink.

Many off shoot trails were not marked,
 so got off-track for a while.

K-9 scat was seen everywhere.  We thought it was from coyotes.

Last fall Eagle River township added a culvert here to repair a wet sport.
We had such a nice hike here. And of course, a most excellent meal at the Fitz!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gates, Swedetown Creek and Mud Lake adventures.

Me and my pack had such a nice day. We had many adventures!
First we stopped in to visit my favorite place. Church!
I usually see kids here.

I helped get things ready for Easter morning.

Then we headed down to see my favorite Swedetown Creek.

We brought our lunch along and eat it down in the gorge.
I had lame kibble.

We visited with Jim and his pups. We hadn't seen them in ages!

That's one big woodpecker hole.

We hiked past Mud Lake, to get the Churning Rapids gates locked.

These trails are still wet but that comes in handy when you're
hot and thirsty.

We re-investigated the River Trail reroute.

Romping through the thick brush is fine by me.

Some Beavers have been very busy here.
We even got to see Scott, Jill and Zoie! Ya, we can't wait to ride either.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunday hike!

Yes this is a bit lake, but here's photos from our hike around the Lookout Loop in Churning Rapids on Saturday.  Then on Sunday afternoon in 50 degree temps, we did the Mud Lake loop.
No snow in sight here.

The Ruby Marsh board walk is still pretty snowy.

Winter dogs must roll in snow, whenever it is found.

After that we are giddy!

Darn wet out here in Churning Rapids.

We stayed off the soft spots.

We stop for a cool break in Spring Creek.,

A little water fall here.

A stump on the trail had scratch marks
made by grooming implements.

I had to help, so she wouldn't fall in.

This is on Sunday afternoon.

The re-opened Mud Lake trail sure looks rougher without the snow.

Winter dogs do like a good snow bath.

Many frogs were singing from the shores of Mud Lake.

This couple was honking at us from across the pound.

Almost back.  We had such a nice romp today.