Monday, September 30, 2019

Lake Ste Kathryn trail clearing day II

This is days 2 and 3 of camping at Lake Ste Kathryn and clearing the Deer Marsh Trail.
Acorns falling into the truck bed.
This sound, did scare a certain puppy.

In the morning, we had heard motors humming and
found this friendly Iron River fellow clearing
snowmobile trails.  Zero safety gear required!

Hiking back out, we found this wasp nest where Sandy
had been stung earlier this summer.

Trails mutts do love the beauty of deer marsh.

And branch cutting we did.  There wasn't much to do at this spot.

End of the day, back at camp.

We visited all the friendly campers here and they liked trail mutts.

Night lights were used.

Hummmm I smelled vittles a cooking.

What a nice time of the year to be camping.

It's definitely fall, from looking up at the canopy roof.

Let's go for a walk this morning.

What a gorgeous morning, to be in the woods.

People say I'm a blue heeler and kelpie,
but no one told me I'm not a water dog.

Wild life?

Back on the trail.

Good thing they had us mutts around to supervise.

We got this little bit remaining done.
Now the whole loop has been cleared.

It's not obvious, but we did a dance.

Back at camp, trail mutts relax before we do a hike around the trail.

Shortly into our hike around the trails, we found this.

This one too.

The Lilly pads are in their full summer glory.

We head back to camp to get tools.

And the down spruce are cut to size and removed.

Done!! When can we come back?

Lake Ste Kathryn trail clearing

On Thursday with some good trail clearing weather in our forecast, we headed south to Lake Ste Kathryn to camp there and hopefully finish the clearing of the Deer Marsh trail found there.
Trails mutts do like fall camping.

Lake Ste Kathryn is the best!

Lets go look at the lake. We do like water!

In the afternoon, we head out to do some clearing.

This is the last section to clear here,
we've been working on it all summer.

We stop for a cool dip in the marsh.
Come in and join us!  Its great!

They didn't, so the two legged members got to work.

And a lopping they go.

The trail work moves right along,
since there isn't all that much brush here.

The puppy is running in the woods, while older mutts lay near by.

Late in the day, we hike out.

This canopy keeps the cool breeze and rain out.
Turns out, that thing might be the best camp comfort item
we bought this entire summer.

Puppies watch for chipmunks.
With just two other campers here, dogs roam free.

A banner year for acorns?

With the days being shorter, food is now prepared in the dark.

Camp fire meals.

Steak!  We'll get the scraps.

Ely, MN day II

This is our last day here and a hike on Snow Bank Lake, just east of Ely.  This is part of the Kekekabic trail.
Us mutts needed to get out!

Not much of a overlook here, since the trees have grown.

A beaver dam crossing we go.

And under fallen trees.

This of course will be in the boreal forest.

It is a pretty trail that we've done portions of before.

Come on you slowpokes!

We stop for a cool dip here.
The water has so much tannin in it, its black.

We bumped into hikers coming out!

Oh ya!  They've got friendly trail mutts with them.

You know we like little girls who'll touch us.

Hope we see you again!

Its been a wet summer and fall here, so creeks are up.

Yet another beaver pond, filled with dark water.

Up close at the same spot.

This is the wilderness area behind the sign
 Seems that chain sawing did continue from there.

Arly tried for a selfie since there is no place to lay a camera down.

Water filtering stop.

We had planned to do hike-n-camp trip,
but a wet forecast worked against that idea.

We seen loop an drop done everywhere.

We spied Snowbank Lake from up here.

Lost of interesting smells for a kelpie.

Funny looking mushrooms seen everywhere.

Or yes, fungus.

This hike was on shelf rock.

We made it back just as we caught up to the hiking family.

We watched Judge Judy.

Oh ya, we never get good rubbing like this.

We had such a nice time here.
Old dogs lie in the shade near the truck, when its being loaded...