Sunday, August 26, 2012

Close-to-home adventures

With this weekend's high heat and sticky humidity, the pack was not enthused to take off for an elaborate adventure. We stayed home, did a few nice hikes and a hot bike ride. The 2-leggeds were eating lots of their garden produce; I don't know why they don't get turned on to carrion. It's tasty! On Sunday we hiked the Black Creek Nature Sanctuary trails and Arly brought the camera.
Blue blazes mark the way.

I relaxed while I waited for the 2-leggeds to catch up.

It was cool and breezy near the BIG lake.

I went for a swim in the waves. It was kinda scary at first!...

...then I remembered I am a water dog.

I shared some of the lake with Sandy.

On the hike back we noticed the yellow and brown ferns.
Fall is on the way!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tandem times in Ho town!

It was a very social and trail romping time for me here this weekend. You should know how much I love that!  Trail excitement started on Saturday with a fun run around Churning Rapids.
The bridge across Swedetown creek recently
 fell down. This made for a roller-coaster like
 crossing which was fun!
I love to run fast across the Long bridge.

Some tandem friends from Ann Arbor stopped by to ride Tech trails with us. I love tandem riders!  We had a GREAT time with them here.
I'm a proud and tall trail mutt.
At least if I have a rock to jump on.
They did very well and liked Tech trails.
These are in our back yard!
Here they come!
Thankfully they stopped to let me cool off.

Then the whole Motowski clan came over to eat with us.  I got my ears scratched and I retrieved the ball.  That's my specialty!
Oh I love these kids!
We had such a good time with them.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picnic, rides, friendly dogs and kids!

It's been quite a week here especially for a social dog like myself.   We had a picnic (BBQ really) on the porch for my buddy Larry who lets dogs romp on his ski trails near Munising.   I love him!

They ate well!!

Best part for me was the kids,  I love Sam too.

Kids, dogs and friendly people. Can it get any better than this!
That must be Marks kid.  She sure likes him!

 Then Larry, Lois, Arly and I went up to Swedetown trails to romp around them once.  Gee we had fun!
Larry is really pushing his 29'er along.
Why are they so hard to ride??
Arly rode with Larry's GF Lois.  She did great!
And we bumpted into some kids I know and love.
 Lance and Leah like to touch me!
After our ride, we stopped at our favorite Cafe Rosetta in Calumet.
Lois knows the way to my heart.

Lance and Leah got off the trail and came by to pet me.

There were many friendly dogs and people here today.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Porkies hike-en-Camp!

Ya, camping adventures is what trail mutts are all about.
 Late Saturday afternoon, adventures continued with a short drive to the Porkies State Park.  With cooler temps we thought we go for a nice hike here in the summer.   We'd only ever done this in the fall or spring.
I hunted wild game. This one is wily!
Where we going?  I wish I could read.

View from the tower was good today.
But the best was the kids here!!!

I think we should go this way.

A remote camp site.

Some funky fungus we spied.
We did a 10 mile loop today.
And later on we seen more friendly kids yet. Gurrr Gurrr

With many water holes, much game and very friendly
people.  We had a very nice hike today and part
of it, was on the North Country trail..

Swedetown trail sweep!

I love to run on these trails!

On Saturday after cleaning up the kennel, we headed up the hill to ride Camelot (ak Calumet).  We hadn't been here in some time!
But it does make me thirsty.

Marc's been doing some nice upgrades here.

Are we lost like this bug was?

Oh good, here is a sign.
We bumped into some friendly bikers here
from Marquette. They were lost!

A trail mutt does appreciate a good run.


We seen a very friendly family here,
I can be a lap dog, even if I weight more
than you do.

Afterwards we stopped at our favorite Ice coffee stop, Cafe Rosetta.  These guys said they moved here for the snow and trails.  That's the same reason my pack did.  I love them!