Monday, August 20, 2012

Tandem times in Ho town!

It was a very social and trail romping time for me here this weekend. You should know how much I love that!  Trail excitement started on Saturday with a fun run around Churning Rapids.
The bridge across Swedetown creek recently
 fell down. This made for a roller-coaster like
 crossing which was fun!
I love to run fast across the Long bridge.

Some tandem friends from Ann Arbor stopped by to ride Tech trails with us. I love tandem riders!  We had a GREAT time with them here.
I'm a proud and tall trail mutt.
At least if I have a rock to jump on.
They did very well and liked Tech trails.
These are in our back yard!
Here they come!
Thankfully they stopped to let me cool off.

Then the whole Motowski clan came over to eat with us.  I got my ears scratched and I retrieved the ball.  That's my specialty!
Oh I love these kids!
We had such a good time with them.

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