Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picnic, rides, friendly dogs and kids!

It's been quite a week here especially for a social dog like myself.   We had a picnic (BBQ really) on the porch for my buddy Larry who lets dogs romp on his ski trails near Munising.   I love him!

They ate well!!

Best part for me was the kids,  I love Sam too.

Kids, dogs and friendly people. Can it get any better than this!
That must be Marks kid.  She sure likes him!

 Then Larry, Lois, Arly and I went up to Swedetown trails to romp around them once.  Gee we had fun!
Larry is really pushing his 29'er along.
Why are they so hard to ride??
Arly rode with Larry's GF Lois.  She did great!
And we bumpted into some kids I know and love.
 Lance and Leah like to touch me!
After our ride, we stopped at our favorite Cafe Rosetta in Calumet.
Lois knows the way to my heart.

Lance and Leah got off the trail and came by to pet me.

There were many friendly dogs and people here today.

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