Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall has arrived!

Ya even kids come out,, and I love them!
So we'll be out in the woods for the clearing of ski trails.
And its so much fun!
Wouldn't you like to help??
This branch was NO match for me.
Here one of my buddies came out to help.  More the merrier!

I love bridge work because its close to water.  Baly loves water too!

This branch needs to be cut off, or the snow will pull it down.

I'm siting on this one just to make sure it gets removed!
We have so much fun in the woods.  Hope we see you out with us!

Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club has posted a list of trail jobs on their web page because I just know you'll be out in the woods with us.    This excel sheet can be seen at  Keweenaw Nordic.Ski Club

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trail mutts medical report

Life of a trail mutt can be tough and sometimes I end up at the vet’s. Of course I love those friendly people, they touch and hug me! But this time it wasn’t a trail rash that brought me in, but a dark and growing mole on my belly. So on Tuesday they put me under and removed them. Thankfully the biopsy said they weren’t malignant so I’m good to go. And go and go and go!    I didn't even lick my stitches.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Copper Harbor Fat Tire weekend, 2011

The pack headed up to the Harbor for the weekend, to see how many friendly bikers we could find in attendance at the annual Fat Tire. We were in luck! Over 400 racers were in attendance, and of course many of their friends and family. I had the best time at the post race party - many, many friendly folks threw the stick for me! I was so busy having fun that I did not get to take many photos. So here is one from camp the morning after the race. Do we look bright and cheery?? OK, we weren't too spunky then, but we did later get re-invigorated by a ride at Swedetown, on the way home.
At Ft. Wilkins State Park
Our hats are off (and my collar) to the crew who pitch in to make this event a great success year after year.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Shedding done!

With the help of Pete Method who by the way, also likes me to bring sticks back, we finally got that shed done! We also had some help from a few other, very friendly people.
Here you see the ramp is locked up.
This is to make the door, a little more secure.

This may look like a BIG dog house, but its really to store the clubs equipment at a trail head.  I love doing trail work and it looks like we'll be out there getting the trails ready for snow and skiers soon.

Could it really be snowing soon? I can't wait!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring 2011 Porkies Beach Party

In the spring the pack likes to head out for beach adventures. These photos show the start of our 14 mile hike which started on Superior's shore (no swimsuits were seen today), up along a creek, onto a trail, to the top of the ski hill, then the 2-leggeds donned snowshoes to hike down off the the snowy hill.  Not having claws, they started out wearing crampons, then snowshoes after they hit the snow-pack. It was an whole day of  adventure!  What you see below is called "shove ice".

I refuse to get any closer to the scary edge!

Luckily, this chunk didn't come off when we were on it.

Ice volcano made from wave's pushing water into the ice pack.
I guess  Sparrows have been eating here?

Hang on! Don't let me fall in!

Now I'm hungry for Ice Cream!