Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mt Baldy romp!

On Sunday afternoon, the pack headed north to check out the path up to the top of Mt Baldy.
Very little snow remaining down near the lake.
This is just outside of Eagle Harbor.

It was a little breezy and cool in spots.

Now we start to hit some snow.

You know we love creek crossings!

I don't know why they always insist on keeping their paws dry.

Thank goodness snow bathing is still available.

This is the open spot before the climb to the top.

We're heading up there.

It's lucky anything can grow up here on top of these rocks.

Just a smidge of snow on those rocks in the lake.

Up we climb.

At the top, looking north

OK time to head back down.
This is the vehicle block at the conservancy boundary.

We had such a nice romp here today.

Weekend adventures at Good Shepherd

On Sunday we started the day on the good side, by going to church!
Oh we love to see lots of friendly people, especially students!

Hi Paige, I haven't seen you in a couple weeks.

We got more acquainted with Laura today.
Although, we have met before.

Oh ya, these two know how to rub us good.

Hi Cari, I missed you!

Oh ya, I like that. I don't get much scratch-en ya know.

You could take me home to visit.  I'd like that!

Ya Cindy I'm glad to see you too.

Me and Matt had lots of quality snuggle time today.

We had to be on our best behavior which can be hard,
for a certain puppy.

Cari you know you don't have to just scratch him,
you should be paying attention to me!

Good luck to everyone on final exams this week.

Will you come see me again before you leave for the summer?
I hope so!

You too Laura. You're officially Trail Mutt approved!

Weekend trail romp adventures

On Saturday the pack took some time away from their home project to go for a romp north of town, off of High Point Rd.
Not much snow left on Maki Trail.

Spring Creek isn't terribly high today.

Gromit! Remember to take a snow bath before it's too late.

Wally you're right, snow bathing won't be available much longer.

Ya I better roll around some more in that case.

We spied some of our old ski tracks on Villi Maki.

All these exposed spots were nice and dry.

At home, the niger (thistle) feeder has been busy.

Redpoll and siskins are fattening up, and an occasional purple finch too.

And juncos and sparrows have been scratching up the ground.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Last Perrault Lake Highlands snow adventure?

While driving home last night, we noted that the Perrault Lake Highlands still had good snow depth, in fact, the most we'd seen since leaving on Friday.  With all that glorious white stuff remaining, we thought we better get out to enjoy it before it's gone.  Could be the last ski adventure for the season!
Knee deep snow remains up here.

The older trail mutt was home resting her sore paw.

The truck berm, just in from the parking area that's about 6ft tall..
We couldn't even see it a month ago.

Yes a few bare spots were seen but no worries about scratched bases.

Previously buried stumps are poking out.
Could we groom right over these?  I think so!

Surprisingly few water spots found today. 
Yes, this would make for a perfect ski trail.

Some of the ribbons came down, so we replaced a few.

This was the area just across the road from the driveway from
the lake Perrault.

A warm n sweaty day!

We had such a nice romp here today. Get in touch,
if you could help make the Highlands into a
wonderful winter sports menu.