Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camp -n- hike adventures with Bally!

 This past weekend was the best ever. Not only is my buddy, Bally staying over, but the whole extended pack went for another adventure filled weekend with the camper!

It was wet and foggy when we left on Saturday morning.
They might forget us,,, so we stayed close by.

We dropped off the camper then headed to the
Pinkerton Trail.

Only brave dogs can do these narrow, high, wiggly bridges.

We relaxed in the wind shelter campsite by the Big Lake.

It wasn't all just romping around...
me and Bally had to hunt vermin.

We like to jump up on stuff!

Some funky red fungus
Old trail marker, almost swallowed whole

Shining Cloud Falls on the Big Carp River

Nice hemlock forest

A closer look at the falls

Trail mutts know the way.

Bally took a refreshing dip in the Big Lake.

Back at camp...after a long day on the trail,
we can't help but behave ourselves.


Oh yeah, we like camp fires too...keeps the coyotes away!
Once again I helped make pancakes and espresso
and once again I didn't get ANY...

We went for a stroll to see the morning sun burn through the mist.

We packed up and headed east to the North Country Trail
just off of Norwich Road.

There were many nice scenic overlooks.
Me and Bally looked for vermin...
We bush wacked over to the Cascade Falls trail.
Steep crack in the rock

Tea and cookies break. Me and Bally had lame kibble.
It's been a long day and I've had enough....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bally over to visit!

My very best buddy Bally is over because his pack is away for a few weeks.  We'll have SO MUCH fun! 
We had to sit nice for the photo.
Then the tug and tussle starts!

Oh we have SO much fun!

Hey! Leggo my ear!

Best part is we're heading to the Porkies to camp en romp this weekend!  Posts to follow.....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Digging Newton and kids...I love them all!

On Sunday afternoon, our friend Newton brought Teresa and her Health Careers class out to help with a super, fun trails project.   I love it when the pack includes kids!
They had to clean out a trench on the side of the trail that keeps
the water off it each winter.

Me and Newton provided encouragement.
And sticks to throw!
This was a great crew! Not quite everyone got in this photo..

Newton is a real trail mutt too!

The stick is right THERE! Just follow my laser beam eyes...
Here is da Rock, Sarah and Zack moved off the trail.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Twin Lakes Fall hike

Ya, Arly's been ill and the weather's been gray so my pack needed to move around some.  I needed to run in the woods a bunch!  So we headed to the Twin Lakes DNR offices where they used to groom ski trails which were also for hiking.
No dogs???  Good thing I'm a Trail Mutt.

An overlook.
A great day for a hike!
Arly spied an old trail groomer. 
You know I love ski trails!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Keweenaw adventures all weekend and salty boats

 On Saturday we decided to check out the Gratiot River park just NW of Calumet that we'd never been to before.

Ya fall colors are at their peak.

The beach at the park.

Then on Sunday
Surprised to see a 750ft boat chugging along in reverse, on a Sunday morning in the canal!
Can you tell in this photo that he's backing up??
Click here for the Algolake's info.
Wow those fall colors!  The wheel shaped insignia marks the front thruster.

They had turned around at Lily pond dock, then backed up the last few miles to this dock. In this photo he's swinging the 250 ft boom out to unload.
He's unloading salt for the area roads.

A short hike in CR was just what an adventure dog needed!
I'm full of it in the fall.

Me and Auggie supervised the hog wallow ditching.

In the afternoon, a small but sturdy crew assembled to clear out a section of the River Trail.