Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sunday's long Trap Hills hike

Oh ya.  On Sunday me and my pack headed west to hike the North Country Trail off of Norwich Rd.

I smell fish!  It must be lunch time?

After we ate, we finally get a moving. This trail head is at FR 400.

We did find a few logs across this section.

Maybe 30 of them.  No sawyers to be had on this section?

Still a very, very nice section as you'll see in these photos.

This red squirrel has not dealt a trail mutt before!

Oh this is pretty-N-green.

A hallowed one?

It was warm for a winter dog so I'm getting a drink and cooling off here.

RR tracks!

Where are we now?


Fall is the best time to see the NCT.

Getting a little artsy here.

Maybe we need to come back with our pole saw?

Finally, we arrived at the Hacking site.

See the RR trails snake through the valley.

This was a glorious spot to take a rest.

I heard friendly hikers coming!

Oh ya, you can both touch me.  They are from Chicago.
 I love them!

Someone's had lunch here.

I recommended this creek...I'm not sure why they insist on that silly filter.

Days are getting shorter and the sun was peeking through the canopy here.

Tank Creek bridge. Bears and porkies have been nibbling on it.

The Tunnel of Love.

We spied a very old sign at a corner.

Late in the day and nearly back.
Here we're looking over to the Hacking Site.
Does it get any prettier than this!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

NCT hike on Friday afternoon.

After leaving the job site in the previous post, we headed a short ways west and hiked on the North Country Trail starting at FR 1500 going east, towards the boardwalk project we'd been working on. 
We had hiked here mid summer, and hoped it was cleared by now.
So far, so good!

Oh dear. I think these hung-up ones were too dangerous to cut.

This is such a pretty creek and trail section.

More trees found across the trail.

This is a wet section where we couldn't find our way through
the weeds, earlier this summer.

These old planks were as slippery as could be.

Oh for the weeds. At least they've died back some.

Maybe we should come back with our whackers and clear it?

We're not sure what this means...

We were glad to get out for another glorious NCT hike.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday's wood shuffle to the NCT

On Friday a crew gathered to shuttle wood the last mile to the meadow where a board walk is needed.
The crew gathers at the parking lot on S. Laird road, at FR 1360.

Dean brought the much needed ATV and trailer to move
materials out with.  I've worked with him on the NCT before!

Smart talk before we start in, heading down the 2-track in
towards the dam.

This was after the 1st load was in.
Wood was strapped to wheelbarrows for the last 300ft trip to the meadow.

Scott hauls 8ft lumber in.
We decided the wheelbarrow wasn't needed for the long boards.
The job site.
Me and my crew were here a month ago and whacked the weeds down.

Another load arrives!  Dean did about 5 trips in over the last mile.

Taking the straps off.

Our foreman, Doug, kept us organized.

Some friendly hikers came by!  I love them!  They are from down state.

The are day-hiking our chapter's sections.

We got things ready to be assembled together into a grand board walk.

In the afternoon, Dean and Scott headed back.  Thanks guys!!

The rest of the crew finished up organizing the materials.

Lunch time.  What a lovely day to be working in the woods.

Jim, those snacks smell awfully tasty.

Hopefully we'll be back next weekend or soon after that,
to build the board walk.
We hike out.
This is another RR logging trail made for a narrow grade RR.
Lock trouble!  We can't get it properly lined up and relocked.

Plus, it's drizzling again.

What a fantastic day!
We hope you can join us for the grand adventure of building the board walk!
We'll send out announcements, so you can mark your calendar.