Sunday, December 17, 2017

Snow, church and kids!

We had a busy Sunday here which started out at church and with kids!  Although we do like anyone who'll scratch us some.  Why can't we get out more?!!??
Oh, we met friendly people before we even got in!

We got to visit with many friendly people.

Sandy was making me sit and lie down. I wasn't sure why.
I love to jump on people! Not to jump on people has been
in my training program.

Some kids prefer visiting the "good" dog.

Hey, don't waste too many pats on that puppy.

Oh ya, we like girls who can multi-task.

Did you know I like to nibble on boots too?

Oh ya Scarlett, I know you like my soft, luxurious coat.

Oh ya.

Wally says, "your fingers are sweet just like that sucker!"

In the afternoon, we all went for a romp in Churning Rapids.
Some of the hiking trails were "groomed" by snowshoers.

I gotta be careful, I could fall off this bridge and into Spring Creek.

Should I go ahead and push him in?  He needs to learn to swim anyways.

Ya, the snow is getting deeper.
When your legs are short, you have to look for the packed path.
Oh, she's ahead of me again!

We had such a fun romp in this super deep snow!
(Gromit says, "it wasn't that deep.")

After supper, it was so hard to stay awake.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Training, snow romps and more.

Sorry we've not been posting here.  We have been out skiing but usually at night.   Wally has also been in school.  He now knows how to "go pee, sit, lay, heal, shake".  Man-o-man, it's tough being a puppy!
We skied this morning, and again this afternoon.

Whee! We like the Pine Loop descent.

The bridge is quite snowy.

"I better be careful not to fall in".  Wally says "I'm not a water dog!"
Amazing how snow can stick to itself in the right conditions.

At home, we've been having lots of fun tussles.

grrr grrr grrr grrr

Shark attack?

Singing a duet?
Watching a comedian?

No, we're just having good old fashioned dog style fun. We recommend it!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Finally! Ski season.

Oh ya,  we did get out today for a good romp in the snow.  Although some work was involved as well. We're so glad, it's really the start of ski season!
This morning, Wally and me helped move some big rocks off the trail.

Later, we headed down into the gorge to help Arly get a tree cut
 and off the trail.
Then we went for a real romp!
Arly rolled the trails down for us. It's hard to bound in the deep snow
when you have very short legs.
Oh good, here comes Gromit!   What have you been doing?

I was hunting but now I'm thirsty.

We took a peek at one of the many cascades of Swedetown Creek.

Hey!  Here comes Arly on a grooming machine.
Oh, oh, I've not seen you in an hour!

Now we run along the creek again!

We love this trail.

They kept saying "a good dog is a tired one". Why is that??
All I know is all that romping in the snow makes me sleepy!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

more snow!

We've not been posting much, but we have been out.  Why didn't someone bring a camera?
Good news is, the lake is dumping snow here. 
I was outside for just 5 minutes!  Wally was too.

Sandy was so excited, she had to take a picture of this.
They call me "the weather dog"

The guys groomed some, but there's not enough to get serious yet.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Busy weekend with pictures!

Oh ya, we've had a busy weekend with lots of adventures and pictures.  Today we went to Good Shepherd to see everyone again. We love to go to church!
Ya Bucky, I've not seen you since last Sunday.

Hi Jessie! I'm Wally.

Everyone came by to see us.

We had to be on our best behavior.
I love Josie. You're our neighbor, aren't you?
Scarlett joined in too.

Hi Charlotte! I missed you so I stopped by again.

Us dogs don't get out much ya know, and we just don't get to sit
with kids like this.

It's hard to be good when everything is so exciting.

You can put your fingers in my mouth! I'll just nibble on them.

I am getting longer!

I got to see Joyce too.

While others were seeing the annoying puppy,
I found some good rubbing by my old friends Danielle and Kevin.

Hi Mike! You can rub my ears any time. Actually, I demand it!

I'm so adorable, Kim wants to get a puppy now!
Arly suggested she just take ME home. Hey!!!

Gromit said to come and visit so here I am!!

Later, we helped out with planting a post at Maasto.

This marks the re-opened Outback trail!

We even got to see Martin again!  Oh ya Jason,
you can scratch us some.

This past week, I found something really nice to roll in.
Sandy didn't appreciate it I guess.

Hunting was good this weekend. I almost got him.