Monday, May 28, 2012

More Ride the Keweenaw events

Sunday was the official opening of the Copper Harbor Ride Center which of course made this trail mutt giddy!!  There were lots of friendly people there which makes me want to be right in the middle of it all. In case you didn't notice, I'm a very social trail mutt.
Looking SE at the top of Brockway mountain. The Edge trail can just barely be seen at the bottom.
There must have been 100 friendly bikers here!
Ok ya, ya you should touch me.

The new jump course "The Flying Squirrel" being demonstrated.

What's the problem??  I can do it.

Is that a Featherly boy in the middle??

Yee hah!  You ride 'em cowboy!

Copper Harbor is obviously trail mutt friendly. I love that!


That evening we all attended the BBQ in the city park and I got many, many friendly people to throw a stick for me.  I asked my pack to take a few photos of the dinner, but they forgot.  They are so lame!   But if you have one,  I'd put it here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ride the Keweenaw events

 This weekend folks showed up for the "Ride the Keweenaw"weekend of events.  On Saturday morning I got to be in the middle of all these friendly cyclists at tech trails. We had a group ride first, it was very exciting to be running with such a huge pack!

After that some pro riders were on hand to give instruction on using the jump tracks.
We're getting ready for a ride. Someone said there was 75 people here!

My ears are here for your scratching pleasure...
Now we're doing the Time Trial loop.

Here comes Deb!

Tammy Donahugh explains how it's done.

Ya, this is what trail mutts are all about.
If I just lean in to people, I know they'll scratch my ears!
Oh I love these kids.
Now the pack will be doing Swedetown trails!  Where we going Marc??
Julie and Amanda are moving right along!
I swept this group in.

Marc, I'll put the stick right here.
You need to look right here.
OK I'm dropping it NOW!

Gee we had such a good time! I got to meet lots of friendly riders.
The pack was treated to a most tasty cookout here after the ride. Big thanks to Cross Country Sports for organizing the ride and especially to Lori for the excellent home-made food at the cook out!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cross Country Sports hosts weekly rides here and this week Sue, Arly and I attended when it was up at Swedetown trails.  I should add this was Sue's third tandem ride and she's really become a master at it.  Now they go so fast,, I could hardly keep up!
Ya I'm ready to go.

Lot's of chatter going on here!
It was kind'a hot today!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Copper Harbor camp-n-ride adventures!

The pack was wanting to get out of town to for some camping and riding and this weekend was to be HOT at home (and everywhere else we may have camped) while Copper Harbor was predicted to be 20 degrees cooler.  This was the perfect excuse to camp at the Harbor! Saturday was still plenty hot for us even in CH but by evening it was cooler and Sunday's ride was warm but not hot (for a winter dog).
Most the these photos are taken on the fly......
Trail mutts do like to camp...even in between black fly swats.

Up the Garden Brook trail we head.
A right up Woopidy-Woo. Ooh, this is a fun trail!

Coming to a switchback on it.
I know exactly where they're going, so I'm taking a shortcut
I took many shortcuts today!

As we passed the new "Flying Squirrel" jump track.

Last fall the fellows up here started to reroute
the old Garden Brook trail.
This new stuff is sweet!

Ahhhh Garden Brook is my favorite stop!
Almost as good as seeing friendly bikers.
Another view of the new Garden Brook reroute.  It was a BLAST!

The new GB was so fun, we went up AND down it.

One of many switchbacks on the new GB trail.

Some have asked how we take these live action photos while riding.
This shot may give you an idea how.

A great camp-n-ride weekend was had by the pack at CH!
We hope to see YOU here next weekend
for Ride The Keweenaw!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Middle Branch of the Ontonagon to the O-Kun-de-Kun falls on the Baltimore river done!

In the North Country Trail clearing post as seen here 2 posts earlier,  we’d come from the east and cleared a 3 mile section to the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon river.  Now we wanted to clear from the Middle Branch to the Baltimore River.  This section is found on highway 45 and about  ½ way between Mass city and Bruce Crossing MI and is known for the O-Kun-de-Kun Falls. From back country skiing last winter, we knew that this section was 4 miles in and strewn with dead-falls.   This was too much work for just my pack, plus too far a hike in with 100lbs of gear, just to get started!   We asked around and heard that the Forest Service roads into there were gated and impassable anyway.   My pack wondered how to tackle this section. Could they hike the 7.5 miles and clear the middle?  From past experience, they knew the hike wasn’t bad, but to haul in the gear and clear the trees off was beyond their capability.   Wimpy?  At least there were some streams for me to drink from and cool off in!   But my pack was at a loss as to what they should do.   Then they got the bright idea to call our silent sports friend Dean,  who lives near Mass City and ask him what we should do.  He immediately said “we can get in there!”   The FS logging roads were passable, at least for ATV’s, and legal for their use, plus he knew the routes very well!    Within 48 hours he had contacted various friends with a UTV to haul us in and give more help!

My pal Dean, who organized the whole thing!

The motley crew gets started after a 4 mile ride in, although Jim did ride his bike.  BIG thanks to Al for hauling us in with his Rhino and for the help.
Ya, many sections looked like this!
Along the Ontonagon river.


The same bridge we cleared to a few weeks earlier
and as far east we'll go today. This is the Middle branch
 of the Ontonagon river.

Ya we cleared it, but it still needs some blue trial blazes put up.
There are darn few left!

Arly took his big saw this time. Good thing,
 because this one was nearly 20" in diameter!
  O-Kun-de-Kun falls on the Baltimore river.  I'm glad to be out and very tired.
 After nearly 6 hours of "hike-n-cut" we tramped our way down to the Baltimore river and were SO glad to see Dean was there to give us a lift back.   I'd had enough and was ready for my nap!
We need to give Dean a BIG thanks for his work to make this clearing of the NCT happen.  
Without his gracious help, it would not have gotten done.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swedtown trails reloaded!

Our good friend Ramon wanted to try MBing so we headed up the hill to bring him to the enchanted trails of Camelot. (ak Calumet)
Now we're going!

Here comes Ramon!

He's smiling!
Are we lost??

The bike he borrowed couldn't handle his massive power and the chain broke.
We still had a grand time.
 Different ride, different group at tech trails.  Oh we had fun here too! See how they adore me...