Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trail clearing Saturday

We got some much needed rain here this week so with the bike trails wet, we decided to clear a section of the North Country trail we had tried to ski on this winter but found many trees had fallen across it. This section is East of the O-Kun-de-Kun falls off of highway 45 and just south of Mass City. We started on the other end, off of Gardner Road and worked our way west.
We'd not been on this section before and found it quite nice.
Sandy actually hiked in with a day-pack loaded with over 40lbs of gear.

Ya let's get that off.

We stopped to see the Trilliums along the way.
Trail clearing isn't all work.

OK,, this one needs to come off too.

Stopped for lunch.  Note that Arly is munching while I had some
lame kibble. I should have pulled down some vermin!

The top of the long descent to the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon.
Some cool looking Fungus was spied.
How many trees can there be across this trail!!
Of course many, many more were removed than pictured here.
The bridge on the Ontonagon river and as far as we could clear today.  It's quite a bridge!
But it's scary!
Wiggly bridges are not the adventure I was hoping for!

You can see bear bite marks on the bridge columns.
Are they really this stupid???
All done!

The Ontonagon River was about 3 miles in and as far as we could go.  Clearing trails is hard work!  Here we're packed up and hiking back to the bread-box. We'll go back again soon to clear the section on the west side of the bridge. We sure hope you come along! I love friendly people on the trail.

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