Monday, March 31, 2014

Eagle Harbor Spring Fling with Mark's gang!

We headed NE again to Eagle Harbor for another ski on these wonderful trails
Oh ya Lisa, I've not got any affection since the last time I seen you.

I see everyone is getting cranked up.

Now we're going somewhere!

It's a little warm today but the snow was still good.

I got hot and had to get my belly cooled down.

Dave fell down so we head back to see if he's OK.
We had such a nice time AND I got my ears scratched.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BC ski adventure on the North Country Trail

On our way home from the Porkies on Tuesday, we decided to stop and check out our section of the NCT.
This is were we park when we hike in and clear it.

This is blazing Patti and Ralph helped to put up last summer.

Gee whiz this is hard going,  I'm falling behind!

A few trees had fallen across, but less than we had expected
with the heavy snow fall this winter.

We updated the blazing so people can find the trail.

I love NCT adventures where I can roll in the snow.

Porkies Camp-N-Ski Yurt adventures!

Some time ago, Sandy decided we needed to rent a cabin, borrow a pulk and stay a few nights at the Porkies state park located about 1 & 1/2 hours drive from Houghton.
I see the hills in the Porkies!
 This road is on the Lake shore and the wind was blowing
off the lake some.

OK, now they loaded the pulk and me!
I'm not sure about this but I do love camping adventures.

Finally we're off!

Oh the snow is still quite good here.  Snow dogs appreciate that!

Arly says the hills are challenging with this....

We still had a great ski out.

At the Union river bridge we cross very near a camp ground
 we use in the summer.

Now were getting close to the turnoff for our yurt.

Our friend Jim caught up with us!  I love company!

We finally made it to the yurt!  We've never stayed in one before.

Oh this was nice and cozy, Jim even looks rather angelic here.
 Or maybe that's the sun coming in the ski light?

Adventure dogs are all about winter camping.

Lets go for another ski Jim?!

We had such a nice visit with him but it was time to say goodby.
He even scratched my ears some.

We stopped at the Log Camp warming shelter.

Ya this is great!

A nighttime view of the ski light.

Sandy and I read the log book.  Kids write the best entries!

The next morning, we head down to the river to get water.

This is the Little Union river.
Its really thick ice so Sandy used her heal to break in.

I had to show her how to scoop it up and fill the water bag.

Snow dogs can bound right back up to the cabin.

Now the water runs out of the bag and through a filter.
It tastes great!

The next day we skied down to Bunk 8 cabin
 after we found darn little fire wood at our yurt.
Best part was the kids here!!!
You know how I love kids and they threw a stick for me.

With our pulk filled with wood, we head back.

Now we'll have enough for our last night and some
for the next folks who stay here.

I think we need to get out again.

I think we should go that way.

Now in the afternoon,
we BC skied down the Little Union river.

The snow was fabulous!  I could bound on the top.

The river was 95% froze over.

As usual, I showed them the way to cross it.

We made it down to the ski trail and we crossed it.

Ya I love to bury my noose in the snow.

We stop for tea along the river.

We had such a nice time following the river.

With a wood supply lacking,
Arly had to split many pieces so they'd fit into its little stove.

All this deep snow bounding and visiting the kids and all,
I just couldn't stay awake any longer.

On our last morning, we gather up gear and cleaned the cabin up.

Oh, this again!

We sure did have a nice time here.  When will we be back?

Now we peal off the ski trail for the last jaunt back to the parks HQ
and our car.


He made it!   Snow dogs do love an adventure like this.