Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maasto Mutt (That's me!) and her pack BC skis Swedetown creek gorge

Arly groomed this morning but in the afternoon we headed to Swedetown creek gorge to check out the sights!
The National Guard bridge still has deep snow pack.  I'll stay away from that edge!

This rock was so scary to jump up on earlier this season,
now it's a snap!

We had great crust with some fresh new snow on top.

Once again, the superiority of all-paw drive is evident...

The creek is running a bit nowadays.

Lots of trees broke off from snow loads this winter.

This is the bank above Sidewinder. It was blustery up on top!

Now we're at the top...

...I'll bound....

...and bound....

...while the 2-leggeds glide on down.

Oh, I think I see vermin!.

We had such a nice little adventure, we even seen the sun.
Just the thing to warm us up for the big adventure that
starts sure to check back and
I'll tell ya all about it!

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