Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mark hosts a "moon light ski" at his house!

Since the full moon is coming up in a few days, Friday night Mark had the gang over for a moon light ski. 
No moon! But we didn't care...because we had snow instead! 
I'm so glad we've got no end in sight to ski season...

We had a great pack of 4-leggeds to romp with.

As usual, those with all-paw drive had to wait
on the slow pokes to get their skis on.

Finally! The gang is all assembled.

It was dusk when we started but we see in the dark just fine.

Malachai and Mariah are generic black dogs
just like me! All generic dogs are special, ya know.

Bella encouraged Sandy, "you're not as slow as usual tonight!"

When we got back to Mark & Kathy's,
Grant provided entertainment.  We LOVE that!

Malachai found it most soothing.
 I think the romping wore him out.
The 2-leggeds had a potluck snack party.
Mark, that sure smells good!   Don't you know I like snacks too?!

Well, a little affection is good too.

Maybe Mark doesn't know I'm here?
We had SUCH a nice time here Friday night.

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