Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fair weather work?

On Saturday the pack was out clearing shoots and brush that grow each summer and poke through the snow and onto the ski trails.  Do you know how much I love the snow??  In this photo taken a few years back, you might get a clue!
Ahhh cool

I love these guys!

Tools that were used.
We started out basking in the sun...then some sleety rain fell...only to be replaced with more warm sun shine...and then more rain...
All in all, it was another great day on the trails! I would love to see more friendly people out there.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NCT hike to Gleason Falls

Off to hike a little of the North Country trail on Sunday. This photo was taken at the Whiskey Hallow trail head were we parked and started our hike from.

Another view of our flat upper peninsula of MI!

An audit was explored along the way.
Most likely looking for copper, 150 years ago!
Gleason falls which was our goal to see and found them quite nice.


This was just a 7 mile hike, but the hills and rough terrain spanked us.  Nonetheless the trail and its spectacular views, was well worth the trip and some tired legs.  Sad that vermin hunting was at a low.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall trail work moving along

Churning Rapids has a handy-dandy beaver dam located just down stream from a trail.   The beavers are  gone but the dam fills each winter and floods the trail. The water would partly freeze, covered in snow and the groomers or skiers couldn't see it, and fall through.  Thankfully the Michigan Tech XC club came out and dug a hole through the dam to allow the water out. Now everyone can have fun skiing this winter without falling into the pond!     I love you guys!!
The Beaver Dam Destroyers.

Wow, the dirt really flew here!

Not the location of the reroute,
but a section that was also whacked that day.


Also on Saturday: a crew cut a new route to allow a gentler approach to the top of Spring Creek. The pack did not get any shots of me playing with my favorite buddy, Newton. I love him!  Or any of the trail crew working here.  After that, I and the pack did some lopping and whacking before we stopped to admire the Destroyer Crew's work. All in all, it was a great fall day to be out on the trail!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New tools on the trail!

You know I love snow and skiing, this is when I can really run with the pack.  Who wouldn't love running in the new, deep snow!

This isn't the actual machine they just got, but its just like it.

I heard that
Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club has just
purchased a new machine they'll use to groom trails with.  
Kind'a sad they don't have all web paw drive like me.
I guess this is all paw drive!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trail Scout alert!

On Saturday morning, Hancock troop 207 came to help clear a new trail with us.  I had so much fun retrieving sticks and getting my ears scratched.  Just to be in the middle of all the kids is the MOST fun.
Ya they really moved the sticks and brush off this new trail.

I took a break to watch Dale hard at work. I love scout dads, too!

I made sure they had plenty to eat.

And they ate it all!
Afterwards we went for a cool dip in Swedetown creek!

Someone might need to get this one off the ski trail.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Camping, biking, adventure filled weekend!

On Friday the pack gathered up our stuff and we headed south west to camp at one of our favorite places, Namekagon Campground, east of Cable WI. The 2 leggeds wanted to relax and bike; that was ok but I also wanted to explore the woods and hunt! We all had a great time.
We set up camp Friday afternoon.

The pack hiked here while I scoped out the wild game.
Out for more adventure...

On Saturday, we slept in since it was chilly out for the 2-leggeds. I thought it was finally a temp I could appreciate! After breakfast we headed to the OO Trail head so we could check out a new trail. For those who are familiar with the CAMBA trails, this summer the crews there put in about 6 more miles of single track as a continuation of the Fish Hatchery and Makwa trails. The newly named "Seeley Pass" will eventually connect with the old Ojibwa trail near Telemark Lodge. This will give bikers and trail dogs a single track route all the way from Hayward to Cable.

This was a long climb (for the Chequamegon).

After our out-and-back on the fantastic, flowing, fun Seeley Pass trail we took a break and then continued down the Makwa for a short way.

We had a great ride! Afterwards, the pack dallied at their favorite Brick House Coffee shop eating lunch, then finally we headed back to camp, where I had more hunting adventures:
I can smell vermin in there!

He is taunting me......

The pack whipped up a nice little camp supper while I guarded the perimeter. We had a great evening, which the pack found to be very pleasant and not as chilly.
The next morning, the pack enjoyed another clear calm and this time cool (not cold) camp breakfast while I again terrorized the local chipmunks and squirrels. Then we headed down to ride the Namekagon single track, just a few miles south of camp. We even scared up some venison!
Part of CAMBA's Epic Trail route.

We had many great adventures this weekend...and we're looking forward to more very soon!