Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall trail work moving along

Churning Rapids has a handy-dandy beaver dam located just down stream from a trail.   The beavers are  gone but the dam fills each winter and floods the trail. The water would partly freeze, covered in snow and the groomers or skiers couldn't see it, and fall through.  Thankfully the Michigan Tech XC club came out and dug a hole through the dam to allow the water out. Now everyone can have fun skiing this winter without falling into the pond!     I love you guys!!
The Beaver Dam Destroyers.

Wow, the dirt really flew here!

Not the location of the reroute,
but a section that was also whacked that day.


Also on Saturday: a crew cut a new route to allow a gentler approach to the top of Spring Creek. The pack did not get any shots of me playing with my favorite buddy, Newton. I love him!  Or any of the trail crew working here.  After that, I and the pack did some lopping and whacking before we stopped to admire the Destroyer Crew's work. All in all, it was a great fall day to be out on the trail!

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