Monday, January 28, 2013

A busy, busy weekend...

This past weekend was jam-packed with adventure for me and the pack! Me and Sandy started out with a quick ski at Tech while Arly and Ryan got to grooming at Maasto. After our ski, we headed to Hancock for the annual Heikenpaiva parade and festivities.
MTU's pep band cools their jets for a photo

I supervised the parade line-up.

I could jump up on that! I'd love to sit on those kids' laps...

I got thirsty just watching the whip sled.

I'm always gaining new fans. These folks were from Finland!

My favorite neighbor, Beverly. She was a scary eagle.
I wasn't scared though.
After the parade and a snack we headed to Maasto for a good romp.
We soon had a groomed trail.
It looked great!

Soon we bumped into my pals, Chuck and Porter.

Mark and Bella were there too!

It was a real trail dog party.
Then, that night, we had our moonlight ski and bonfire!
Many friendly skiers and dogs had fun. See that white streak?
That's my pal, Bally.
When we got home, I was ready for was a very busy,
adventure filled day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

trail mutt, trail repor

Being a snow dog, as you might guess, its about the snow.   Since I don't speak, following is some recent trail photos taken on the Maasto and Churning Rapids trails.
Ya snow..

Hope you liked seeing these as much as I love romping in da snow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter glory...

A winter dog like me can appreciate when the weather finally turns has been snowing most of the time since Sunday January 13th, over a week now! We had many adventures close to home over the saw my Saturday adventures, here's what Sunday looked like:

The birds say, "it's snowing!"

Me and Sandy went for a BC ski.
All-paw drive worked great!

I "helped" while Arly scooped snow into
the crevice above the National Guard bridge...
My pals Auggie and Lisa were out...
he is the famous "3 legged doggie"!
Wait for me!

Oh yeah, now you can scratch my ears...
Can you believe a snow dog could leap up onto such a large rock?
I sized it up...scary!
Whew! Made it.
Arly had to do some trail grooming...
...while I had to do some grooming of my own.
All-paw drive does require occasional maintenance.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black dog, white trails!

 Snow!!  This is what being a trail mutt is all about.

I'm ready, just give me the word and I'll jump out!
This is along the Pilgrim River near the Nara trails.

I'm a multi skilled mutt...

Finally, belly-deep snow!

We saw a friendly snowshoer from Belgium out here.

  In the afternoon, we went to my favorite Maasto Hiihto trails.
Arly has to pack the snow for the 2-leggeds.

Snow makes me full of it!
We bumped into our ski friends Mark and Bella. This is the spot where we have our moonlight skis. Will we see YOU at the next one, on Saturday January 26th?

Note my well-insulated, luxurious coat.

I love the winter weather, so we can go and ski together...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another excellent trail adventure!

 On Sunday January 13th, the pack bade fare-well to Bob and the gang at Wolverine Village and pointed the bread box Honda towards the Gogebic Ridge Trail. This 6.6 mile long trail is just north of Bergland and was built in 1976 by the Youth Conservation Corps. Since I love kids so much, I just knew this had to be a most excellent trail for an adventure...
The trail head on M-64
Cool rock formation within a hemlock forest

This was a most excellent vermin-viewing location.

It was 10 degrees...but I was hot!

A snow bath is always invigorating...

Plowed forest road seemed out of place

A hunting dog can never rest.

I led the way to adventure all day!

I investigated the weird fungus.
FINALLY! At the Houghton County line, we hit lake effect snow.

The heavy snow was the best welcome home ever.

Ya, snow dogs appreciate weather like this.