Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter glory...

A winter dog like me can appreciate when the weather finally turns nice...it has been snowing most of the time since Sunday January 13th, over a week now! We had many adventures close to home over the weekend...you saw my Saturday adventures, here's what Sunday looked like:

The birds say, "it's snowing!"

Me and Sandy went for a BC ski.
All-paw drive worked great!

I "helped" while Arly scooped snow into
the crevice above the National Guard bridge...
My pals Auggie and Lisa were out...
he is the famous "3 legged doggie"!
Wait for me!

Oh yeah, now you can scratch my ears...
Can you believe a snow dog could leap up onto such a large rock?
I sized it up...scary!
Whew! Made it.
Arly had to do some trail grooming...
...while I had to do some grooming of my own.
All-paw drive does require occasional maintenance.

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