Monday, January 28, 2013

A busy, busy weekend...

This past weekend was jam-packed with adventure for me and the pack! Me and Sandy started out with a quick ski at Tech while Arly and Ryan got to grooming at Maasto. After our ski, we headed to Hancock for the annual Heikenpaiva parade and festivities.
MTU's pep band cools their jets for a photo

I supervised the parade line-up.

I could jump up on that! I'd love to sit on those kids' laps...

I got thirsty just watching the whip sled.

I'm always gaining new fans. These folks were from Finland!

My favorite neighbor, Beverly. She was a scary eagle.
I wasn't scared though.
After the parade and a snack we headed to Maasto for a good romp.
We soon had a groomed trail.
It looked great!

Soon we bumped into my pals, Chuck and Porter.

Mark and Bella were there too!

It was a real trail dog party.
Then, that night, we had our moonlight ski and bonfire!
Many friendly skiers and dogs had fun. See that white streak?
That's my pal, Bally.
When we got home, I was ready for was a very busy,
adventure filled day.

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