Sunday, February 17, 2013

Out of town fun!

Sandy thought if she signed up for a ski race in Minocqua it would give the pack a good excuse to get out of town to visit our buddy Bob who we don't get to see too often...and of course for some trail adventures. So on Friday Feb. 1st the pack loaded up the Bread Box to head south. We didn't have any trail adventures that day since it was -10 degrees all day...

She made it!

Bob was on hand for congrats and smart comments...

On Sunday we bade Bob farewell...I love him!
Next we stopped at ABR Trails in Ironwood for test-driving.
Arly says the RSX really needs a cab...
I think he looks refreshingly cool!

Then, finally, we headed out for a trail adventure.
We love Wolverine Trails! They are Trail Mutt approved.

We spied this on a hike a few weeks ago...remember?

Just as I like it...good n snowy.

Off trail bounding was at its peak.

Hope to see you out next time!

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