Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Creek snowshoe in.

We had warm temps on Saturday with a chance of drizzle, so we headed north and hiked into the Michigan Nature Association trail to the Black Creek.
We were greeted by a friendly neighborhood dog.

Let's go!

Trail mutts need to be agile on their paws.

My new pal turned back here.

The 2-legged admired the new signs.

I admired the plentiful vermin!

My feet are ALWAYS snow shoes!

My favorite, Lake Superior.

They stopped for tea and snacks. I didn't get any.

I got to test the ice over the creek.

Solid as can be!

Photo break at the lakeshore bench.

Nary a ripple on the creek.

Let's get a going!


The sun came out some and the snow got gummy.

We had such a nice hike today. Maybe you can join us next time!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Maasto & Swedetown gorge glide!

Ya!  After Sandy got off of work this afternoon, I got out again!
We just "flew" down Sisu hill.  Ya, I'm fast!

Now on the middle bridge.
This one will get replaced next fall and
on December 6th is the Music jam to raise funds for it.
I'll be there!

Then on the Vista trail.
We climb a hill on the old trail towards Churning Rapids.

I love to run with my pack.

Paw maintenance is required....

...sometimes on a regular basis.
This is in Tomasi road ditch and we don't have enought snow yet
to groom over those rocks.

I gave her a head start here.

Won't you come ski with us soon?

Thanksgiving romp in the snow!

Ya!  On Thanksgiving morning my pack and I headed up Highpoint road and BC skied into Churning Rapids.
We get started and I really, really did need to get out!

Snow and hunting were both great today.

Which way?

Maybe this way?

OK, I'll go off-trail and pass.

Off-trail is the only thing that will wear me down some.

I hope that squirrel falls down here.

We bumped into John D.

Ya, I live for this stuff.

These guys are slow, so I'll pass!

OK, after an hour or more, I've had enough.
I'm sooooo glad winter weather and snow is back.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perrault Lake adventure ski and CC Sports stop

On Saturday warm temps were predicted which snow dogs don't appreciate. Despite that, in the morning we headed west to back country ski around Perrault Lake.
We park along highway 26 because the road in is never plowed.

Snow dogs don't need no plowing anyway.
I'm just a black dot on the horizon.
You people are slow!

I do some deep snow bounding and burn some energy off.

OK, now a problem arises...

This warm weather is creating snow balls on my coat.

I think they're tasty!

Time for more de-balling.

Sandy cleared a grooming spot for me.

OK,  let's go!

Oh, wait....

I'm getting all balled up again!

We went to see the fen.

Then we headed back to the car.

Carrying extra weight in snow balls is not trail mutt

After a lunch break at home, we headed north to Calumet...

We visited the friendly people at Cross Country Sports.
I even got to see kids. I love them!

We had to drop off tickets for the Music Jam,
plus I needed Rick to scratch my ears some.

Oh yeah, that's the spot.

We inspected Kiko's delaminated skis.

Hey! You can take ME skiing....I'm friendly!

Lorri provided info on the night sky art.

When will I see you again, Kara?