Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Porkies Cabin-to-Cabin adventure!

Ya!  They finally got me out for a fall adventure.  We'd not done all of the Lake Superior shore line trails in the Porkies State Park and now we'll do it all plus more in 4 nights and 5 days.
This post shows Friday and Saturday's adventures.
While the 2-leggeds wonder why they hadn't got the
snowtires on yet. I'll stand here and make sure I go.

Snow only can add to my adventure!  I love snow.

Halloween blew in with a vengenance.


After the sketchy drive to leave the car at Lake Of The Clouds
parking area, we made the sketchier drive over South Boundary Road.
Summit Peak boasted at least 6 inches!

Finally, we're off! Speaker's trail is a much lower
(so less snowy) area of the Porkies.

Ya Mark, here's my head, now you just need to rub it.

Jacobson's cabin. We didn't camp there.

This way!

Down another gully we go.

Hey! I see the cabin.

Speaker's cabin...very cozy.  We'd not stayed here before.

Next we set out for a day-hike to the Presque Isle River.

And we crossed some BIG ravines!

I spied an old North Country Trail blaze here.
And vermin, of course.

Mark wonders what this blaze means.
Maybe your luck has run out?

We finally reached the Presque Isle River.

Arly and Sandy hadn't been here in 15 years.


We crossed the Presque Isle using
the South Boundary Road bridge.

Lot's of pretty falls here!

Mark and Arly do a bridge inspection.


Time to head back to our little cabin.

Lots of layered sand stone here.  Maybe some shale as well.

Imagine that....a blue-blazed rock on the NCT.

Squirrel hunting adventures never quit in the Porkies.
Next I hunt white mushrooms.

Back to our home for the evening.

I love the Lake...especially after it calms down a bit!

We inspected the weather-beaten shore line.

We love our cozy quarters!

Mark figured out how to make these lame saws cut good.
More on that later.

The cabin is nice and all, but the action is all outside.

Saturday morning, we say our good-byes to Speakers cabin.

East we go!

Mark thinks this is silly!

I spied another interesting fungus.

Let's go!

Sure, I'll try your lame fruit snack. I'd rather have some vermin.

I guided Mark across the creek.
Don't know why he doesn't just run across like me!

Mark takes the high log here.

Sandy checked out the unoccupied Little Carp cabin.

We stopped for lunch here.

Many boardwalks....

...and log crossings today.

Finally! We made it to the Big Carp River.

We stayed at Big Carp 4 bunk, like we did last year.

We paid a visit to the friendly occupants of Big Carp 6.

We headed up the river to see Shining Cloud Falls.

Many pretty views along the way.

A little girl lost her mitt!

We stop to see the falls.

See the conglomerate rock?

Back at camp, I got to meet the friendly campers
at the Lake Superior cabin!

This cabin is more spacious than Speakers.

We went out to see the sun set.
Ya, it was pretty!

Everyone was out to see the sunset.

Mark made us Jiffy Pop to celebrate our adventures!

More to follow!

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