Saturday, November 8, 2014

Porkies adventures, continued...

Here is the last three days of our Porkers cabin-to-cabin adventure.  Sorry we were slow at getting these posted but the 1st days can be seen by clicking here. This post is from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
The next morning we leave our beloved Big Carp cabin

Bye bye, Big Carp 6 folks.

Now we head east on trails we'd not seen before.

This section of the trail was so close to shore, wave rubble
was thrown on it and difficult to walk on.

Sandy relaxed in an adirondack chair found at a backcountry
camp site. Perhaps it washed to shore?

This section was a tad low. Water dogs don't mind.

Ya, lots of this here.

Tea time! Arly fired up the pop can stove.
This is at a BC camp site found along the shore.

I took a break from hunting to have some lame kibble.

We continue east.

We took a break at Lone Rock.

We spied some interesting mine debris.

Mark cristened me "the garbage scow".
That's because I carried it!

The 2-leggeds were glad for the board walks.

And bridges! This was a very wet trail.

Finally, our turn-off.   Having now done all of the Lake Superior
 lake shore trail, we decided its not all that pretty and
 not that good to walk on in general.

Buckshot cabin

We decided that the park used saw blades without
a kerf but we could add some with a pliers
and then it would cut great.

My neighbors Sam, Andy, and Strider showed up!

Lots of smart talk ensued.

We all checked out the shore.

It was a nice day on the big lake.

Strider likes to be a water dog, too.

Chef Andy cooks Sam's supper.

Me and Strider kept an eye out for vermin.

Mark's thinking of making a bow. Maybe he'll help me hunt?

The next morning, we head up the hill.

Even Sam carried a pack!
They call the end of the camelbak a nipple for a reason...

The trail mutts lead the way, as usual.

This ascending trail has many great views

So we stopped many times to take them in.

Another bridge inspection?

Back to the road, where the garbage scow was unloaded.

We checked out the Lake of the Clouds overlook.

We bade our neighbors good-bye.

More friendly Houghton area hikers! Mary, Judy, and Lori
stopped to say hi.

We strolled out on the Big Carp River trail for a bit.

Final swap of laundry for food and drink. Don't forget my kibble!

We hike down the hill to Lake of the Clouds as
coyotes yipped in the distance.

Another cozy Porkies cabin.

I helped Sandy get water to filter.

Mark says, let's go for a boat ride!
Sandy took the role of coxswain.

Bye-bye, LOC cabin.

Mark rowed us all the way to the trail bridge.

And back!

It's so pretty here. It was a scenic row.

Back at the cabin, Sandy reads the log book.

Hunting remained good.

Next morning, we say bye-bye to the cabin.

Packs were dropped here so we could investigate the south shore.

Bridge inspections ensued.

We hiked by several camp sites.

We found the spring that we read about in the cabin log.

We also checked out an old mine site.

Maybe one day we can backpack to this site!
It's trail mutt approved.

Almost back to the top.

Darn! Our 5 day, 4 night Porkies adventure has come to an end.

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