Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Covered Bridges of Swedetown Gorge

Since New Year's Eve was zero degrees and blustery, the pack thought a romp in the Swedetown Creek gorge would be a tolerable adventure. We checked out all the bridges!
We started from the city sledding hill at the edge of town,
so Sisu bridge was the first one we came upon.

The brook was babbling. I'm glad I didn't fall in!
See the bow in the timbers?
Next we glided over the the Middle Bridge.
Thank goodness it's hanging in there!

The National Guard bridge looked artsy with the snow and all.

We peered at the down stream trees from atop the NG bridge.

Finally! We're off again.

The BC conditions were great.

I let her be first.

She's slow, at least compared to me.
We even checked out the trail Arly groomed
this morning.
This is the old Rail Road Ravine bridge,
 now for 2- and 4- legged pedestrians.

We made our way to the dam meadow bridges.

We huddled together.

This is the upstream meadow bridge.

Now were heading back down stream. 
I found a big rock to jump up onto.

Whew! Made it.

I only needed a little encouragement for such a scary feat.

I love the winter weather.

Maybe you can join us next time!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend (daylight) snow adventures!

 Oh ya, over the weekend me and Sandy did LOTS of skiing.  
I of course just run with all-paw drive.
Swedetown creek was getting fully grown snow mushrooms.

We bumped into Arly making tracks.


I did paw maintenance.
I spied vermin all over.

It was SO pretty out. Can we make a tipi here and camp?
This was right along the creek!
I smell apple pie.

Winter is my element.
We also skied with Jeff which was so much fun.   I love him!

Keweenaw Nordic Holiday Luminary ski
Oh Good!  I see kids coming.

I smelled something interesting.

Oh ya, no one ever pets me.

The city lights illuminate the ski.

Here is Jeff!

Other friendly trail dogs.

A short legged snow dog.

I don't think Kathy knows that I didn't eat breakfast,

Hummmm tasty floor scraps.

Oh ya Craig. All that banjo playing has
conditioned your fingers for ear scratching.

I do need to be in the middle.

She could drop that.

I've been soooo good.

Let me tell ya, no one ever scratches me.

Me and Bally played.

Now Sandy and the crew head out to retrieve the candles.

We all had such a good time.

Lots of friendly kids of all ages and trail mutts came out to see the trail via the glow of luminaries. We had so much fun! Be sure to join us for our next KNSC adventure, the Moon/Fire ski on Saturday, January 11th.