Thursday, December 12, 2013

ski trail repor II

Once again I'm allowing Arly to post a trail report...since I'm a trail mutt I'll go for that. This morning 4" of fresh snow was rolled down, then this afternoon the trails were leveled with the drag. Trails worked on were those on the city side of the system, Swedetown Creek gorge, the "new" River Trail to Churning Rapids, plus the "old" trail which loops back to town.
While dragging this morning... it was soooooo pretty out!

...lots of snow up in the trees.

The brand-spanking new Ginzu made its debut.

Not a scratch on it yet!  Can you believe they cost over $4000!
Arly set tracks on the city side and in the gorge.

Ya its expensive, but it sure does work nice!.

4-leggeds have no use for tracks, but the 2-leggeds sure seem to like them!

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