Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nara BC ski for the 1st time!

Least it was for this year.  To celebrate Christmas Eve, and the fantastic winter weather, and of course the luxurious snow cover we now have.  The pack headed to the Nara trailhead at Tech.
It's my favorite BC ski area!
I can't read, but I think is says adventure
 is found here.
The Pilgrim River was quite snowed over.

A little Chrismastime color was spied here.

I bravely balanced on this log...

...thankfully I didn't fall into the raging torrent...
I mean the frozen river.

We don't get a sunny winter day too often.

Is this a Christmas tree?

Winter dogs can drink any ol time they want.

Apples remain on the trees from this year's bumper crop.

We raced down the snowshoe-packed trail. She's slow!

I keep the all paw drive well maintained so we can ski together!
I hope you can join us soon!

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