Monday, December 9, 2013

Ski trail report!

I'm all about snow ya know, so I loaned some blog space to my pack who have been out makin' trails ready for skiing after snow started to fall here.  Hooray!
On Saturday while going around the Mud lake loop,
we found a large tree down and across the trail.

It's starting to look a lot like winter, my favorite time of year.

Scott in da snow.
Today while dragging trails in the gorge, we pulled corduroy up.
We do need more snow!

Now back to the bad old tree on the Mud Lake loop.

Let's cut 'em up...
...and get 'em off.
All gone!
We couldn't get through for all the tree branches
pulled down on the trail

Arly had to toss the shovel to unload the branches.

More downed trees to get off in Churning Rapids.
And yet more leaning branches!

And more yet...

We hope you can join us for Saturday's Moon Fire Ski. I'll be waiting for you at Tomasi trail head at 6:30. My pack will get a fire going and we'll all have adventures!

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