Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bridge Repairs II

In what we call 'the middle bridge" in Swedetown gorge, we found that its intermediate support had been modestly pushed a-side, rendering it useless. While repairing that, we found one of it's stringers had rotted enough, it had fallen off.  Oh well.  We need to keep this bridge up for one more year before it gets replaced, plus we need this structure for that construction next fall..
The work trailer get's moved upstream a tad to the middle bridge.

Here the decking was being removed.

This is that problematic stringer.  Looks good!

Mark and Sam are installing it's replacment.

These guys are bolting the 6x6 beam's together.

Temporary barriers are put up.

Do note that Gromit and her pack, along with Mark R. will be hiking the Superior shoreline trail in the Porkies for the next 5 days.  She'll post about that adventure when they get back!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids and hike, make for a perfect Sunday!

Oh ya.  Someone came home from church with my pack, just to see me!
I met Anthony just a few weeks ago at
Good Shepherd's "blessing of the animals".

Oh ya, I never get to see any kids.

I'll chase you!

Ya.  You can rub my neck.
And my ears.

OK, now we have to go in and eat.  

You can rub my paws dry.  I like that.

Anthony tried beets for the 1st time!

He seemed to have liked them.

After lunch, we went back out to see
the neighbor's chickens.

Now you can chase me! I love that.

Oh ya, you can hug me and hold me, too.

I hope I see you again soon!

After we took Anthony home, we met up with Mark Robert's gang to hike the Pilgrim River watershed trail.
Oh ya Lisa, no one ever rubs me.

Quick drink before we start!

Seems Sam fell down!

You people are slow.

Strider recommends the creek for refreshing drinking
and cooling.

Is this like passing the buck?


It was ankle deep leaves out here!

Me and Bella, still in the lead.

We got to meet Mary Ann and Al!

Is this as a blaze, or a paintball stain?

We had such a nice hike, eh Dave?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sisu bridge repairs and trenching with students!

Over the past few weeks, Mark, Sam and Arly have been repairing Sisu bridge.
This beam had broke this past spring
and Mark is cutting it off.

Now he's attaching a new beam to it.

The intermediate supports had also failed and
now the've been replaced.
 Later cross memmebers got added to this.
Sam and Mark are replacing the decking.
Most of the old stuff got put back.

What would we do without these two??!!
Done!  It looks like it's new again!

But the remaining beams are in poor condtion
so they recomend this bridge's replacment in two years.

Today was "Make A Difference Day" and some Tech students came by to visit me and of course clean some ditches out in Swedetown Creek gorge.
Oh ya, I like to see trail work get done like this.

All of these folks are PT students at Tech

At a different location, guys from the Sigma Pi fraternity
work on ditches.

I supervised.
Oh ya!  No-one has touched me all week!

OK, now we're getting silly..

With these ditches cleaned out, that helps keep
water off the trails and in great condtion.

I love these guys!
Is he falling off?

I hope you guys come out and see me again!

We had so much fun today!