Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Porkies fall color loop!

On Sunday morning we ventured to the Government Peak parking lot to begin a 13 mile loop.  This is at the Porkies State Park.
My pack gets their gear ready.

Trail mutt's are always ready!

These squirrels don't know who they're dealing with!
Of course my pack walks by and I'll have to give up or
 get left behind!

Trail mutts are all about hikes like this!

I do get thirsty.

We bumped into our first freindly hiker of the day.
Fall color time is busy here!

Sandy balances across a mud hole using her hiking poles

Goverment peak where a fire tower was.

Another cool creek to get in!

A interesting looking rock made with conglomerate
and another types of rock.  Maybe slate or shale?

Another friendly fellow we meet from down state.


A blanket of yellow leaves I'll run across!

Fall chipmunk hunting is the best!

Oh Kids!

We climb.

And climb.

And take a break  2/3rd's of the way around our loop.
I do get hungry!

Lake of the Clouds.  Now we're on the Escarpment trail.

I'm so glad I get out now and then.

Funny that some people think it's flat here.

A tree makes a funny face at Sandy.

It was HOT on these peaks.

My tongue indicates the heat.

But much, much cooler in the saddles.

A big decent.

The last mile.

Back at the parking lot, we bump into friendly folks
 from Houghton,  who just did the same loop!

We stop along the shore line and I take a cool dip.

I share the lake...  We had such a nice adventure today.

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