Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gorge-ous work done in the Swedetown gorge today

Ya! The trails are continuing to get into shape for my favorite season, winter!
This was earlier this week by the Hancock cemetery.
We got this section cleared of weeds, high branches and dead falls.

Everyone is having lunch and I go without!
The Mud lake loop (trail 4) is now cleared all the way to
 Churning Rapids!

We inspected the old trail on the east side of Mud lake
we hope to reopen this fall!

Sandy scopes out the work to be done.
I introduce myself to Rose!


Then on Saturday morning a group of us were in Swedetown gorge to clear part of it. I even got to meet some students who are new to town! Pete from Tech's new PT program egged a couple gals out today.

Colors are still great!

Ya, Kelly, get those weeds knocked down.

I had so much fun.

Me and Sam see the sights along the creek.

It's so pretty!

Me and Sam inspected the decking
on this bridge.

Looks pretty rough!  Seems we'll need to replace the old stuff.

Ya, this is looking better.

Oh, goody! Frann came out just to see me.

And Augie and Lisa too.

See ya soon, Sam!

It's been a busy day and I got sleepy after we got home...

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