Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bridge Repairs II

In what we call 'the middle bridge" in Swedetown gorge, we found that its intermediate support had been modestly pushed a-side, rendering it useless. While repairing that, we found one of it's stringers had rotted enough, it had fallen off.  Oh well.  We need to keep this bridge up for one more year before it gets replaced, plus we need this structure for that construction next fall..
The work trailer get's moved upstream a tad to the middle bridge.

Here the decking was being removed.

This is that problematic stringer.  Looks good!

Mark and Sam are installing it's replacment.

These guys are bolting the 6x6 beam's together.

Temporary barriers are put up.

Do note that Gromit and her pack, along with Mark R. will be hiking the Superior shoreline trail in the Porkies for the next 5 days.  She'll post about that adventure when they get back!

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