Monday, October 6, 2014

Trail and fall color updates!

Ya, we've been out on the trails getting them ready for snow and just looking at the color!
Keweenaw Nordic's old DR mower broke down again!

Sam's clearing a new trail near the Hancock cemetery

Looking down this hill, skiers now have a better run out from it.

Arly upgraded the post that holds the drag up.
This roof will keep the rain off the winch and some snow off it too!
Plus it's now a little taller and further away from the post.

What's taking you slow pokes so long!
We need to check this out.

Even in this cool fall weather, I'll stop for a refreshing drink!

On the north side looking down into Swedetown gorge.  This is along the Vista trail we're reopening.

Ya, I do need to get out more.

My favorite spot in Swedetown gorge!

I think it's the prettiest falls around!

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