Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Saturday Copper Harbor adventures

Arly had Saturday off for a change, so in the morning we decided to head north for some Copper Harbor adventures.
Before we left, we took a photo of the snow,
gradually sliding off the kitchen's roof.

On the way up the peninsula, things are looking nice and snowy.

We heard they were grooming a new trail at the end of  Hwy 41.

This is going to be a great snowy adventure.

We passed the Point Trail.

Younger mutts think they're fast.

But older ones like the packed trails and cooler temps.

I smelled vermin out here.

It was just above freezing all day, which is why Arly wasn't out
grooming. He says, the snow gets like pudding at these temps.

We stopped for a photo at the Horseshoe Harbor turn off.

Oh dear, seems they are grooming right through a creek.
We couldn't find a way around it and turned back.
On our way back, we met friendly mutts!

Younger mutts like to tussle!
While older ones prefer to meet everyone.

Everyone likes to get acquainted.

Ya, no one ever touches us at our house.

I hope we can come see you at your brewery some day!

On the way home, we admired the tall snow drifts in
the Mohawk area. Gee it's not even that snowy of a year!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Winter adventures weekend

Winter, winter deep snow adventures from over the weekend.  Sorry we're late getting these posted!
Hey!  I spied something in the trail!

Oh, its just Arly's glove he dropped while taking pictures.

Gromit got out for a long ski in the morning while Arly was
working. Now, the young mutt gets his 2nd snow romp.

We may have received 2 ft over the weekend.

Puppies with trump-sized paws, just don't have much flotation.

Ya, snow.

I can see the creek!

This is a picnic table.  Here it is this fall when we worked on it.

Map holders

Seems like trail work this summer.

We had such a nice ski here today!

We'll let Arly post one photo from his job.
This was taken at sun rise.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Churning Rapids romp

After Arly got home from work, we decided to run over to Churning Rapids which we'd not been to in a long time.
The snow was fine here and temps balmy at about 20.

We did a nice loop here, mostly back country skiing.

Spring creek bridge.

Older dogs were feeling spunky.

Young ones had frosty whiskers.

Looks like it was groomed today.

Rolling on hard pack snow is the best.

Dogs with larger paws, prefer deep snow bounding.

Where dogs with tiny paws, appreciate a packed trail.
What a grand day to do a little romp in the snow.

Time to head back to the truck.
Back at home, Arly got his plow functional. More to come...

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Snow romps and Erickson's Feed

It was a busy day for us trail mutts.   1st off, Sandy took us for a romp at Maasto while Arly was out working.   Sorry but no photos were taken.   Then Arly got home, and he took a little snooze on the couch with us, then we got to go to Erickson's Feed for supplies. After that adventure, we went for a romp at the Pilgrim Watershed Trail.
I had to be on my best behavior here,
which as you know, is hard for me.

Oh hey! We haven't seen you here for a while!

Ya, this is our favorite store ever.

What!  Are those steaks?  Get 2 for me!

Ya I like to check out the buffet here.

Then we went to the Pilgrim Watershed Trail.
It was cool out, but otherwise a beautiful sunny day.

Not too much new snow since last week,
when it was packed down by snow shoers and us.

Hey! I think I see a squirrel.

We were here late in the afternoon and the light was getting low.

It was pretty easy going for all of us.

Not much new snow, but it's still good depth.

The Pilgrim River.

Let's head home now. I'm hungry!

We had such nice romps today.