Sunday, December 11, 2016

Finally...winter is here!

 I'm so glad that winter decided to get here! This is our 3rd ski already. 
Me and my pack have had many adventures since my last post, but they are lame and have not gotten anything up. 
We started out at Tomasi Trailhead.
Oh dear! This must have caused some grief.

Hunting is always good here in the pines.
We took a break for paw maintenance.
This is the north junction of the Mud Lake Loop.

And the south junction.
I'm so glad for a safer winter bridge!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

North shore camp-n-hike adventures III

This is the last of three installments while on the north shore. 
Next we'll head further north and up to Ely!

Looks like we'll be heading out again!

We started at the Britton Peak Trailhead again.
This is also one of the parking areas for the Sugarbush ski trails.

Oh this is a good view.

What does this mean??  I can't read.

Britton Peak is right by the trail head.
We headed north from here.

Ski trial crossing. We crossed several times.

Superior Cycling Association has built
 some mountain bike trails here.

Springdale Creek was flowing well,
with all the recent rain.

Hey! Another friendly thru-hiker.

We stopped for lunch on this overlook.

Coulda camped here at Leveaux Creek!
Maybe we should stay.

We met friendly day-hikers too.

This squirrel was hoping I'd exit the area.

OK, we'll go this way.

Even this gramma and grampa were back packing.

We made it to the Onion River!
We decided to keep going up to see Oberg Mountain.

Hmmm, were the monks here?

No one ever rubs my neck good like this.

We saw all the views from atop Oberg Mountain.

Over the Big Lake.

Then looking over the valley to the west.

Oberg Lake, down below.

This has been a great hike!

We stopped for tea at the Onion River camp,
and got to meet these fellas from Dubuque.

OK, time to head back.

This is a log they felled and cut
the top off to make a swamp crossing.

We checked out trail up to
the top of Leveaux Mountain, too.

This trail and the one up and around Oberg
 are very old Forest Service hiking trails.

More nice views. Not quite fall color time.

We didn't see any moose near the Leveaux beaver pond.

MMM! Pork chops, roasted over the fire.

On Wednesday, we headed out for one more
hike on the SHT. This is Rollins Creek.

From here, we took the spur trail to the ski hill.

Up we go.

Another friendly back packer.

A little rain squall came through.
I didn't mind too much.

Heading back down the long climb off of Moose Mountain.

This poor mentally ill fella has lots of
experience with back packing...
hard to tell by his pack.
He seemed to be having a nice time anyway.

Back to the Onion River trailhead,
 also one of the ski trail heads.
Then we packed up and headed to Ely!
We're having such a nice vacation.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

North shore camp-n-hike adventures.

We set camp up at the Forest Service Temperance River campground. This is located a few miles north of Tofte MN.
After setting up camp, we went to the Sugar Bush
parking area to do a short hike.
There were many friendly cyclists here!

Which way shall we go?

OK, we'll go check out Carlton Peak.

We met many friendly hikers!

This is pretty.

It's like mountain trails here.

No problem for trail mutts.

We met some kids!   You know I love them.

These blazes do to be repainted.

The Ted Tofte overlook.

On this peak, we met more friendly people.
Some were "afraid" of dogs.
Maybe they'd not met a trail mutt before?

They all had accents.  We think they worked at local lodges.

Ok, we need to get a going.

The next morning, we drove north of Grand Marais
 to start from here and hike south.

This is the Flute Reed River bridge.

Oh more friendly hikers!  They are from Houston TX.

I got to take a cooling dip in the Brule River.

This fella is thru-hiking the SHT.

We followed the Brule for 2 miles.
We're headed for Devil's Washtub falls.

Down at the State Park.

The roaring river was kinda scary!

Oh, my Houston friends!

Descending back down to the Brule.

Did you know, that no-one ever pets me?

Tea time!

Oh yes, another friendly trail mutt.

The leaves are falling.

Garrett is having jerky.  I love jerky.

Back to the car! Garrett is headed to the north end.

Hey, I hear it's going to be steak time soon.

We love to camp.

We had such a nice day.