Thursday, August 29, 2013

Adventure brewing...

Tonight I got fitted with a new pack.  I already had one but it didn't work very well, so they got me a fancy and much better fitting one.   But the really good news is if the weather holds out, we'll camp and hike the Craig Lake area near Michigamee over the holiday weekend. You know I love adventure!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Old Victoria Shelter Camp adventures

It got rather warm here on Sunday but after church, we decided to "tough it out" and camp at the old Victoria Shelter.
We'd not been there before.
We ended up doing a tad more hiking than planed.
Gee whiz it was warm!!
 Thank heavens I found a cool stream to lay in.

We found the trail well marked and in good condition.
This is an old mark that's painted in the earlier style of
marking corners.

I can watch for vermin from this porch!
This wall was all screens but it being 80 at bedtime, it was HOT. 

It was so warm we didn't sleep very well and I panted all night.

It was late and we needed start into cooking viddles right off.

Sandy cooking garden beans.

Hummmmmm steak and garden potatoes smell sooooo good.

This is plush camping!

I got kibble AND steak leftovers.

All gone!

Then on Monday morning we meet Doug W and Jim W at the Kun De Kun falls parking lot.  For the short hike to the falls, its tread was looking rough, plus sections of board walks here are in need of repairs.  They reconed and recorded all the problems they found.
Arly put up white blazes on the short hike from the parking lot.

Sandy knocked some of the new grass down.

Again it was very, very hot and work had to end early.

Here the crew (Doug took the photo) is installing a box
for trail info and a log book.

Arly made the 1st entry into the trail log.  Thanks Doug!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bob Lake, HOT hike adventures

Sandy had Monday afternoon off so the pack headed south of Ho town to Forest Service road FH 16 and hiked west to the Bob Lake FS camp ground.  We'd never seen this part of the North County trail or this Forest Service CG either.  We went west to FR 1470 road and turned around.  The CG looked nice and we might venture back here again with the camper and stay.  It was a tad to warm for us but the bugs didn't seem to mind....

We found many, many logs across this trail.
Oh ya Bob Lake is trail mutt approved AND there was kids here!

We jumped over logs 16 times on the NCT.
 Plus another 12 times on the Bob lake spur.

Trail lopping at waist height?

Road 1470 were we tuned around at.
We had such a nice little hike.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Camp-N-trail clearing adventures!

On Friday evening, the pack hopped into the Bread Box which was fully packed-n-ready for another fine camp adventure. We headed back to our favorite camp site near the NCT.
Pancakes, with our very own blueberries. As usual, I didn't get any.
Hey! You know I LOVE bacon.
Oh yeah, I got a piece!
After our scrumptious breakfast, we headed
to our  work site.  We found that the wet
summer's been great for growing brush.
Sandy cut them down with some .155 string.
That's what I like to see with the grass and shoots cut down.
Here's a good spot for a break.
What are we having?
Arly followed Sandy with his boomerang head
that takes them small trees right out!
Ya, that's looks much better.
Small trees also had to come out so the pole saw was attached.
This one was under tension and had to be carefully notched.
They'll be gone fast!
Day 2: the old blazing is coming down!
Ya Arly, paint those new ones nice,
use lots of paint too.
How's this look?
Here we should mark a corner.
I see something scary up there.
Oh ya, I've been stung before!
This is another corner.
Arly thinks he's an artist like J. Waters.
Ya right!
 We paint these on because that's the way the North
Country Trail association wants it marked.
Sandy's scraping a tree's bark to make a smooth canvas for a blaze.

Now some brushing to remove loose material.
We're almost done and I'm getting tired.
It's been a busy day...I'm ready to go home.
Arly thinks keeping the 9 miles of trail we adopted cleared and marked is to much work and we should give it away. What do you recommend?