Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bob Lake, HOT hike adventures

Sandy had Monday afternoon off so the pack headed south of Ho town to Forest Service road FH 16 and hiked west to the Bob Lake FS camp ground.  We'd never seen this part of the North County trail or this Forest Service CG either.  We went west to FR 1470 road and turned around.  The CG looked nice and we might venture back here again with the camper and stay.  It was a tad to warm for us but the bugs didn't seem to mind....

We found many, many logs across this trail.
Oh ya Bob Lake is trail mutt approved AND there was kids here!

We jumped over logs 16 times on the NCT.
 Plus another 12 times on the Bob lake spur.

Trail lopping at waist height?

Road 1470 were we tuned around at.
We had such a nice little hike.

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