Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Night on Bald Mountain

With the Perseid meteor shower peaking this weekend, Mark coaxed the pack out for a most excellent Night on Bald Mountain. This was Saturday night we stayed here. Sorry we got this posted out of order!
We're backpacking for the first time ever!
Least as an overnight adventure..

We drove in to the Huron Mountains, east of Skanee.
Last minute adjustments being made here.

We're off! Me and Bella led the way, as usual.
We're trail mutts, ya know.

After the 2-track, we bush-whacked up the mountain.
You can't see this but it was really quite a climb!

We were rewarded with most excellent views from these tall granite peaks.  
This was looking north and the air was dry giving us clear viewing.

Mark got going on our cooking fire while camp was set up.

He had to shield the wind with a rock wall.

Bella supervised the mushroom cooking
while the potatoes roasted near the coals.
You can't really see this but our tent was anchored to rocks !

Mark fired his penny stove...

...while Arly fired up his $5.99 Whisperlite.

Kathy had Mark make up a steak cooking fork.

Dinner's served! Steak roasted directly on the coals -
best you'll ever taste.

Steak & taters plus mushrooms for a healthy touch
Hummmm we ate good!

Steak, cous cous, carrots, and red wine for a healthy touch

They had to relax a while before they could eat s'mores.

Me and Bella got dish duty...we didn't mind.

As the sun went down, Kathy broke out the Port.

Ya, this spot was really something.  This was looking NW at the Huron and Keweenaw bays.

Hey! I saw a meteor!

We all went to bed after 1:00 waiting for the peak
meteor shower, which was more of a drizzle.
In the morning we had breakfast (kibble again!) in the breeze.

Me and Bella had to wrestle a little of course.

Time to head down the hill.

The 2-leggeds dropped their packs to scale up this peak along the way.

Mark tells us about the one that got away.

We had the best adventure ever!
I can't wait until we camp out again...maybe you can join us too!

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  1. Sorry I missed it! I love camping up there, it's a great spot.