Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally! A CAMBA Camp-n-ride weekend!

Sandy had a 4 day weekend, so the pack got the bread box and camper loaded up and on Thursday headed out for our very first camping excursion of the year. I've been trying to get them out all year...
Why are they so hard to coax out?
We got a site at our favorite Namekagon Campground.

There's so much to do here! I'm a water dog ya know.

There are many good vantage points for vermin hunting.

I kept the area free of squirrels.
OK maybe just the ground free roaming ones.

On Friday, after some stops in Hayward, we headed to
Fish Hatchery Park.


We love these fun and twisting trails.

And of course, I love the creek. I do get hot!

It did get warm by the end, so I was glad to get back.

After a long day on the trail, even trail mutts wind down.

Supper's on! I only got lame kibble...

On Saturday, we headed towards Seeley to ride the newest trail
on the system.

We crossed the Birkie trail many times.
This spot was near the high point.

We even saw some friendly bikers from the cities.
Oh and the Gravity Cavity rocked!

Remember my favorite, trail mutt approved cafe in Cable?
It's went to the dogs...we love it!

After our hilly morning ride and lunch, we
headed to a gentler trail...

...with a most excellent cooling stop!  Patsy Lake.

My buddy Roy was in town for the Firehouse 50.
He's a trail groomer.  I love them ya know.

I don't' think he knew where I was.

Sunday started out with more prime hunting...

I stared him down but he wouldn't venture very close.

For our morning ride, we headed to OO to do the south
end of Seeley Pass.

Ya, this is nice!

Then after lunch, the Makwa....NOT the Birkie trail!
We don't ride no ski trail!

By the end, we were all hot and panting.

Our longest single day of riding this year!

We relaxed by the fire courtesy of Roy who left us some wood.
Monday the pack hoped to get one last ride in,
but the weather conspired against that plan.
Hopefully we'll have another camp adventure soon!

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