Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knock down them weeds

A group of very friendly people from Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club got together to knock a few weeds down on my favorite trails. You should know I love Maasto and Churning Rapids! They are trail mutt approved.
These guys look serious!
Sandy's getting the edge of this bridge all cleaned up.
Them bad ol' weeds are coming down!
Trim a little further to the right John.
Sue sure knows what she's doing!
Done for the day.
After a long day out in the woods and a bowl of kibble, I was tired.....

Then on Sunday afternoon Sandy, Arly and I came back to finish up that last K to Churning Rapids.
He cuts all the high branches off with this unit.

Sandy's nipping off some lower ones.

This section was choked with low branches. Gone!

Where's he going??  He must think he's done....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CAMBA snow ride, Duluth air show adventures

The pack took a long weekend so we could have a get-together with my Gramma and Grampa. Since it was on the way, we stopped in for a camp -n- ride adventure in Cable first!
At our favorite site in our favorite camp ground at Lake Namakagon.
Finally! We got out for a ride.
This ride included my favorite, SNOW! It was great!
That's a big one...The snow had pulled many, many trees down.
but we can roll right under it...
no problem for all-paw drive!
Ya, Arly, throw that one off. The snow broke that one too.
Snow and cool air is refreshing!
I made a new friend, Ben, who was camping near by.
After our Camping adventure, we headed for Duluth to visit Sandy's folks and see the air show with them.

The  Heritage Flight
Oh yeah, that's what I like...
On the way back home, we stopped for a romp around Wolverine Nordic trails near Ironwood MI..
Yeah, they like us 4-leggeds here.
Where we going?
This will be way more fun when we see snow again!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

another CAMBA camp -n- ride weekend

Mark and Roy joined us for a great weekend on our favorite trails in all of northern Wisconsin....
I think I see friendly bikers over there!
Here comes me and Mark!

Roy says he's never rode MB before. Could that be true?
He did awful good!

Come on in Roy, the water is great!

Some really, really nice trails here.

Trail mutts are all about camping ya know.
Mark brought a chocolate cake.
We hope you'll join us too, next time!

This trip wasn't just about fun.
I had to hunt vermin too.

Larry and Terry Swedetown trail romp!

 Larry, my pal from Munising came with his friend Terry to ride and pet me.  You know I LOVE that!
This was the weekend of September 8th-9th.

Terry wonders where we're going?

Ya we had SO much fun with them.

Terry had never been here before..

We stopped at the farmer's well.  Don't fall in! I won't...I'm a careful dog.

When you guys coming back to see us again??

Fall trail clearing starts!

Fall and trail work has officially arrived and being in the woods hunting vermin, friendly people and the fresh air, is my favorite place to be!
Arly's been in the grooming shop updating things.

Getting ready to head out.

Ya, this is great!  For a trail mutt, this is my element.

Whacking them weeds back makes ski trails fun.

Arly is cutting branches that come down onto the
trails each winter.

Ryan can really bring those bad Ol branches down.

Maybe we'll see you out with us?? Hope so!  You could even scratch my ears.